Accelerating practice growth with Invisalign expert Dr Ryan Molis

Accelerating practice growth with Invisalign expert Dr Ryan Molis

Top US Invisalign clinician Dr Ryan Molis is in the UK to share insights into the key transformational practices he credits with the growth of his business to complete more than 7,000 solo Invisalign treatment cases.

His live, one-day Invisalign Masterclass: Unlocking Practice Growth in London on 6 June is designed to help dentists build consistent Invisalign success. It will include invaluable advice on how to successfully grow Invisalign treatment, ClinCheck planning and modifications, and troubleshooting difficult cases. It is also fully accredited to provide delegates with CPD.

Hannan Saleem, business manager of the London Dental Centre and winner of Align Technology-sponsored Dental Practice Accelerator programme, will attend the masterclass with an associate dentist who works at the practice. Here, he explains what he believes Dr Molis can add to his business acceleration plans.

What do you hope to learn from a US practice owner and trainer?

A deeper understanding of advanced Invisalign treatment techniques and innovative practice management strategies. Dr Ryan Molis’ masterclass provides a unique opportunity to learn practical insights that can be directly applied to enhance our practice’s efficiency and patient outcomes. Of course, guidance from mentors such as Dr Sandeep Kumar, Justin Leigh, Dr Sameer Patel, and Shaz Memon is invaluable, but additional learnings from Dr Molis will introduce fresh perspectives and methodologies that have proven successful in the highly competitive US market.

Why do you think US thinking on Invisalign treatment is significantly further advanced than in the UK?

The US market often leads in adopting new technologies and innovative practices due to its competitive nature and the significant volume of cases handled by practitioners. This exposure accelerates learning and improvement. Moreover, US dentists such as Dr Molis have had the advantage of longer and more widespread experience with the Invisalign system, fostering advanced treatment protocols and patient management strategies.

What have you read about Dr Molis recently that has really impressed you?

I was particularly impressed by his emphasis on clinical efficiency and ability to handle complex cases, as highlighted in the article ‘Invisalign – learn from the best’ on His ability to simplify clinical complexities and innovative approach to patient consultations, showcase his deep understanding of both the clinical and business aspects of dentistry.

Are there any specific areas of the Masterclass agenda that you feel your clinical team would most benefit from?

Yes, several:

  • Viewing every patient as an Invisalign treatment prospect – this approach will help our team to identify more Invisalign treatment candidates and help to increase acceptance rates
  • Leading every consultation with a simple hygiene discussion – enhancing patient engagement and trust will help to make them more receptive to additional treatments
  • Adopting a four-minute chairside consultation – streamlining consultations can improve efficiency, allowing us to effectively serve more patients
  • Growing confidence in treatment planning – enhancing our team’s ability to manage various malocclusions and complex cases with confidence will improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Dr Molis credits Invisalign clear aligners with the success of his dentistry career. How important is the treatment for your practice acceleration plans?

Invisalign treatments are integral to our practice acceleration plans. They offer a versatile and patient-preferred option for orthodontic care, which can significantly boost our practice’s appeal and profitability. Adopting Dr. Molis’ advanced techniques and strategies will help us to increase our Invisalign case starts, improve treatment efficiency, and enhance patient satisfaction.

The masterclass takes place on Thursday 6 June at Leonardo Royal St Paul’s. It also includes Live ClinCheck reviews, networking refreshment breaks and a buffet lunch plus a drinks reception and evening meal.

For more information, the day’s agenda and to book your masterclass go to: Invisalign Masterclass: Unlocking Practice Growth.

This article is sponsored by Align.

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