3D printing just got faster – introducing the SprintRay Pro S Arch Kit

3D printing just got faster – introducing the SprintRay Pro S Arch Kit

SprintRay introduces the Pro S Arch Kit, accelerating dental 3D printing with speeds up to two times faster than previous SprintRay printers.

The innovative Pro S Arch Kit accelerates the production of a wide array of dental appliances, boasting speeds up to two times faster than the SprintRay printers already are. From models in as little as 13 minutes, night guards in 22 minutes and many more applications, the Pro S Arch Kit delivers exceptional speed and accuracy directly within the dental office.

A new compact build platform and resin tank

The Pro S Arch Kit is engineered for longevity, featuring a robust anodized aluminum build platform equipped with a high-performance built-in heater. 

Designed for single-patient use, the Pro S Arch Kit’s build platform offers a generous print area of 4.1” x 2.3”, accommodating two to three arches simultaneously. Compatible with the Pro Wash/Dry and ProWash S, the build platform streamlines multiple workflows, enhancing overall efficiency.

With a maximum usage of 125ml, the compact resin tank minimises waste and guarantees dependable, repeatable results with each print.

Enhanced workflow efficiency

In conjunction with this launch, SprintRay introduces an update to PrintOS, now featuring Arch Mode. This software enhancement enables seamless printer integration and automatic detection of the Pro S Arch Kit. Arch Mode includes on-screen alerts and dynamic motion profiles for all dental appliances printed with the Arch Kit.

By incorporating the Arch Kit into their practices, dental professionals can optimise in-office workflows, providing prompt chairside care for a diverse range of treatments.

Contact SprintRay to schedule a demo and explore the Pro S Arch Kit and the comprehensive SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem. For more information, visit sprintray.com.

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