Free whitening on all new cases with Smilelign and Boutique

Free whitening on all new cases with Smilelign and Boutique

S4S explains why the new Smilelign is a great clear aligner option for dentists, including free end-of-treatment whitening and retention.

Smilelign, the clear aligner offering from Sheffield-based lab S4S Dental, is about to undergo a full refresh. The team at S4S have been busy revamping their product behind-the-scenes for the past 12 months and are excited to re-enter the market this May as part of National Smile Month. 

Smilelign first launched in 2012 and has seen steady growth over the past 12 years. However, in order to remain afloat in the increasingly competitive market, they have chosen to refresh their branding and processes to offer an overall better product and experience to dentists. 

Fantastic new benefits for the dentist

Launching on 15 May, the new Smilelign will pose a number of benefits for the dentist, including:

  • Brand-new packaging for both dentist and patient
  • Unlimited refinements within a two-year time period
  • An all-new clinician portal for hosting Smilelign cases
  • New, ultra-strength aligner material
  • Free end-of-treatment retention
  • Free end-of-treatment whitening.

Collaboration with Boutique Whitening

In a recent addition to the Smilelign rebrand, S4S have strengthened their existing partnership with Boutique Whitening to now include their Smilelign product. S4S Dental and Boutique Whitening originally joined forced in 2018, with S4S becoming the exclusive manufacturer of Boutique’s whitening trays. 

In addition to manufacturing the trays, S4S Dental will soon become a supplier of Boutique Whitening gels. They have made the decision to include gels with all Smilelign cases, to ensure patients achieve the best possible smile at the end of their treatment. A fantastic opportunity for both dentist and patients alike, both S4S and Boutique are excited to see what this new collaboration will bring.

If you’d like to discover more about the upcoming Smilelign refresh, you can request more information here:

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