ClearCorrect – an advanced aligner system

Join Carolina Brown and Sze Hwei Lim on Tuesday 16 April at 7pm as they discuss ClearCorrect – an advanced aligner system.

This webinar is for dentists experienced in clear aligner therapy and orthodontists considering integrating clear aligners into their daily practice, particularly for treating moderate to complex cases.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced clear aligner therapy with ClearCorrect
  • Attendees will explore the features of our Premier Aligner and ClearControl clinical features for help treating advanced cases
  • Attendees will learn about the latest ClearPilot treatment planning software for increased treatment predictability
  • Participants will learn about ClearCorrects innovative technologies, enabling precise and effective treatment planning.
Dentistry Webinar - On-demand
ClearCorrect – an advanced aligner system
Speaker: Dr Sze Hwei Lim, Dr Carolina Brown

Dr Sze Hwei Lim

Sze Hwei Lim graduated with first class honours from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences India in 2016, shaping her clinical expertise through experiences in both government and private sectors in Malaysia, fostering a strong passion for aesthetic and digital dentistry.

Amid the pandemic, she embarked on an exciting venture into Singapore’s clear aligner industry, where she thrived as a product specialist in a startup aligner company before assuming the pivotal role of ClearCorrect clinical advisor in 2021.

Transitioning in November 2023 to the UK clinical advisor team, Sze carries her wealth of knowledge to optimise clinical outcomes using Straumann’s orthodontic portfolio. Leveraging her insights from diverse Asian markets—Singapore, Malaysia, India and China—Sze is committed to cultivating a vibrant community of empowered clinicians adept at handling aligner cases.

Beyond her professional commitments, she treasures quality moments with her husband and beloved golden retriever, enriching her life beyond the realm of dentistry

Dr Carolina Brown

Carolina, a qualified dentist who completed her post-graduation in dental implants in Brazil, embarked on a transformative journey when she moved to the UK four years ago. During her time in the country, she discovered her passion for digital dentistry.

Carolina has a robust background in oral surgery and dental implants, but her interests extend beyond specialised procedures. She actively engages with the academic environment, contributing through tutoring, publications and presentations across various subjects within dentistry.

Her approach to general dentistry is holistic and comprehensive, emphasising patient wellbeing. She has earned multiple certificates, ranging from dental photography to Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), demonstrating her dedication to continuous learning.

Driven by her interest for digital dentistry, Carolina developed her skills in various software applications, including digital dmile design, Dolphin, Exocad, and 3D printing. Her familiarity with the CAD/CAM system and design further enhances her capabilities.

Notably, Carolina’s experience as a dental nurse and treatment coordinator in the UK provided valuable insights into both the NHS and private dental systems where she had the opportunity to work with clear aligner therapy and underscored her commitment to staying at the forefront of dental innovations.

Since December 2023, Carolina took on a new role as a clinical advisor to ClearCorrect, where she combines her expertise in digital dentistry with her interest in education, leadership and management.

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