The biggest benefits of converting to private practice


Advice from Practice Plan’s regional support manager, Jayne Gibson, that went against the crowd, convinced practice owner, Nigel Suggett, that Practice Plan was the right choice to help him convert from NHS to private practice.

Back in 2019 when he was exploring his options, the consensus from the other major plan providers was that all dentists in the practice should convert to private at the same time.

However, Jayne’s dissenting voice, advocating Nigel should be the first to leave the NHS and that the other dentists should convert when the timing was right for them, won him over.

As he says himself in this video, that was what he believed in his heart of hearts should happen, which is why he chose Practice Plan to help him with the conversion.

Prior to converting, Nigel felt any conversations with his NHS patients were rushed, which resulted in poor uptake of treatment.

Increased profitability

Since his own conversion to private practice, the time he has for oral health examinations has doubled, allowing him plenty of time to explain treatment options fully to his patients, resulting in better uptake of treatment plans.

He is also able to provide more complex treatments which offer better outcomes for patients.

Nigel’s conversion has increased the practice’s profitability, which has allowed him to carry out a full refurbishment of the premises.

As well as making the practice more attractive for patients, it’s also improved the working environment for the team. Nigel himself enjoys a much more relaxed working atmosphere which, he says, rubs off on the rest of the team.

However, despite the increase in profitability, one of the biggest benefits Nigel has seen from his conversion is the improvement in the oral health of his patients.

By seeing them every six months, he and his team are better able to educate them and help them help themselves.

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