Is your dental team ready to Walk and Talk this May?

Is your dental team ready to walk and talk?Do you want to help break down the stigma surrounding mental health? We are encouraging you to get involved by walking and talking throughout the month of May.

As a new month rolls in, this week also marks the beginning of National Walking Month, a campaign aimed at celebrating the benefits of walking.

Dentistry can be a highly stressful job, especially after the last two years.

As a result, we at FMC – alongside Justin Leigh, founder of Focus4growth – are encouraging dental professionals, practices and companies to take to the streets and dedicate some time to getting out and about and talking to each other.

Even if it is just one lunch a week, put aside 30 minutes during your lunch hour for a walk and encourage the team to join you. This gives everyone time to eat, set out to walk and talk, and get back in time for the afternoon.

Use the hashtag #walkandtalk4dentistry to celebrate your involvement.

The month’s suggested challenges include:

  • Week one – take the chance to relax, destress and also enjoy the lunchtime walk
  • Week two – walk with someone in the practice who you do not usually spend time with
  • Week three – find a topic you all find challenging to discuss and openly talk it through as a team
  • Week four – practice owners/partners/managers to invite recommendations from the team for suggestions to improve the practice.

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Get involved

Justin Leigh started up the Walk and Talk 4 Men group in Cambridgeshire and believes in the power of walking when it comes to mental health.

He said: ‘We’re taking the Walk and Talk principle and combining it with May’s National Walking Month. Now, we are encouraging practice teams to walk together at lunchtime during the month of May.

‘There are so many benefits to walking. Walking is good for your heart. It helps you “destress” and it also gives you energy for the rest of the day. Being outside also increases levels of vitamin D and it makes us feel happier.

‘When we combine walking and talking, we get an additional psychological benefit that helps us to process our thoughts and feelings and gain clearer perspective.

‘We’re able to reset ourselves and the other person through both the exercise and conversation.

‘This is a great opportunity to engage our practice teams, improve health and wellbeing, and also create stronger bonds between us all.’

Mismile and Wrights Cottrell are among those already signed up.

To sign up and get involved, fill out the form below to get a certificate for all of your team.

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