Dentists’ Provident paid 98.9% of new claims in 2021

dentists' providentDentists’ Provident, a specialist income protection provider for the dental industry, has paid out £5.4m to members in 2021, its latest figures show.

In another year affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Dentists’ Provident has continued to support the dental profession by caring for its members impacted by illness or injury.

Its claims report for 2021 shows that Dentists’ Provident paid 98.9% of new claims received. This compares to 96.3% in 2020.

The largest of the 1,190 claims paid in 2021 amounted to £80,749.

The majority of the claimants were 46-55 years old. And in 2021 the younger workforce makes up 9% of Dentists’ Provident’s pay-out (aged under 35). The youngest claimant was 26-years-old.

The report also shows that musculoskeletal disorders (24%), psychiatric disorders (16%) and accidents (15%) were amongst the most significant reasons for claim.

Coronavirus-related pay-outs totalled £351,000 in 2021. This makes up nearly 70% of all infectious disease claims from members, who on average were off work for two weeks due to the virus.

Incredible resilience

‘We know how dental professionals continue to feel the impact of the pandemic,’ says Farrukh Mirza, CEO of Dentists’ Provident.

‘Many are still work tirelessly to catch up. While they also face more worries, illness and financial uncertainty from restrictions in the way they practice.

‘This past year, our members have shown incredible resilience. Despite the longevity of the ongoing situation.

‘By remaining flexible, approachable and supportive, we have tried to be one of the few things in their lives that have not become more complicated as a result of the pandemic.’

Dependable income protection

Simon Elliott, chief risk officer adds: ‘We take pride in our personalised and thorough underwriting. It gives members confidence they have a dependable income protection plan that works for them.

‘We have always had a low number of complaints. Last year we saw an even further drop in these, with just two claims-related complaints.

‘We have not lost a single referral to the Financial Ombudsman Service in the last five years. That is a testament to the quality of our people and our processes.’

As a member-owned and led mutual, Dentists’ Provident’s sole objective for over 110 years has been helping dental professionals achieve financial security during periods of illness or injury.

To find out more or read the full ‘2021 Claim Statistics’ report visit

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