Aesthetic Dentistry Expert – new year, new you

aesthetic dentistry expertAs we come to the end of January, Manrina Rhode questions whether you’re doing enough to promote your aesthetic business.

It’s 2022 and January has just finished. This is traditionally a time for new beginnings, for change.

We re-evaluate our lives and decide what we would like to change to make our lives better.

A recent survey showed 85% of people are unhappy with their smile.

When your patients started their year and were reminded they wanted to do something to improve their smile, did they call you?

Mask wearing time is a good time to wear braces. Now masks are coming off, its a great time to finally get that new smile. Cancelled holidays are also a good time to have extra cash to spend on self improvement. As travel opens up patients will therefore want to look their best.

Did they call you? Do your patients know you offer aesthetic dental treatments? Do your team know? There are several things you can do to make sure they do.

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Marketing your aesthetic services

Let them know via your newsletter if you have one. If you don’t start creating one. You can give the task to someone in your team who enjoys creating these sort of things.

If you don’t have a dedicated marketing team. Newsletters are a free way to keep your patients up to date with what you are doing and services you offer.

Treat your team members, whiten their teeth, straighten their teeth. Whatever aesthetic dental skills you would like to market, you should do on your team. This way they can be your cheerleaders and showcase your work.

Give your patients a questionnaire with their medical history form. Before they come into the surgery you already know which aesthetic treatments they are interested in.

Place posters with your before and after images of aesthetic work on the walls or posters showing what you do.

Place a section on your website showcasing the aesthetic work you offer.

Ask patients when they come in – is there anything you would like to change about the appearance of your teeth?

There may not be time for a full discussion at that stage but you can complete your usual dental exam and then rebook them for a cosmetic consultation.

I have created an online course showcasing how I do my aesthetic dental consultations that I will launch very soon.

Make work your passion

With regards to your career, are you doing the type of dentistry you want? If you are great! If not, then why not?

January was also a time for us to reflect. If you would like to do more aesthetic treatments, then look at why you aren’t. Is it because patients don’t know you offer them? In which case see above.

Is it because you don’t feel confident talking about them or completing them? In which case it’s important to build your confidence and the only way to do that is by attending courses.

We have a plethora of courses available to us as dentists in the UK. Depending what you want to learn, there is an expert who can teach you.

If you are unsure who to go to you can also reach out to me on my Instagram account @DrManrinaRhode and I will guide you.

Take time to make 2022 your best year yet and enjoy the journey!

Dentistry is life-long learning. Without continuing to learn and grow, our careers become stagnant and boring.

So choose your passion and grow into it. When your work becomes your passion, you never need to work another day again.

I run a four-day course teaching dentists how to complete porcelain veneers in a minimally invasive, stress free way.

See my website for more details

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