Core Strengths – embracing the good

positiveWe should celebrate how far we’ve come in the last year, Catherine Rutland says.

At the moment I am frequently reminded of the phrase: ‘You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone’, yet in a positive way.

Unusually, the reason for this is due to the return of what was lost. In my experience in a normal world, that doesn’t often happen!

Many things that we felt were lost over the last 22 months or so are now returning. Some almost exactly as they were before, some in an altered form.

There are things we wish to see return to normal. For example. reduced PPE and more ease in the patient journey and experience.

Time will tell when that will be and what changes are more permanent.

For many of us, this period has made us reflect on what we do have. Many appreciated an enforced, quieter life and we have had time to take stock and consider what was most important to us.

Whilst this varied from person to person, from people I have spoken to there are many common themes. I suppose it is based on your core values, and many of us share those same principles.

Seizing positivity

As we approach the end of a second year, I am far more realistic than I was last year.

The vaccination program has been so successful in adjusting and opening many areas of our lives. However, there are of course numerous other areas that it would never address. Yet it created a hope of change and a return to some form of normality.

This year, I suppose I don’t feel there is imminent radical change on the horizon.

The reality of the long-term impacts and the inevitability of the long haul is starting to become clear. This has taken its toll on many of you, I know.

So, as another year closes it feels important to reaffirm to ourselves those things we felt we lost, and if they have returned, even in an altered form, we should embrace the positivity. Embrace the joy of more freedom to see family and friends, the ability to travel a little more freely, and the energy you gain from seeing colleagues and peers face to face. 

We may not be exactly where we hoped, yet we really are a long way forward compared to this time last year, and that is to be celebrated.

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