Helping patients feel safe with the Dyson HEPA Cool purifier

Shivani Patel explains how her Dyson HEPA Cool system is helping patients to feel safer in the dental environment.

What were your first impressions of the Dyson HEPA Cool system?

I think it’s a very aesthetic piece of equipment. Dyson always makes nice aesthetic equipment. So I was quite pleased that it was quite compact. 

It looked good, it was not intrusive. You could put it on the floor. You could also put it on the worktops. 

It’s easy to use as well. It doesn’t have too many functions. So my first impression was good. 

You have a lovely cutting-edge practice right in the heart of London. Does the system blend in well with your surgery?

Yes, it looks good. A lot of the air filters are either quite big and white or big and cylindrical. You have barrels that you have to put on the on the floor. 

The Dyson system is nothing that stood out to the patients. It was very discreet in that way. 

It’s designed well to look good in surgeries where there’s so much clutter and busyness. Therefore in that respect it’s a good design. 

How easy do you find it to use and how effective do you feel it is?

The use was easy. It doesn’t have so many function buttons, it’s just got the speed one to 10. 

In terms of effectiveness, I would have to say I used it in one of my smallest rooms. This is where I’m based clinically. We used it over the summer and it blows cold. 

However, you didn’t always feel that cooling of the air. 

For a clinical setting, if I was to move it into any of the bigger clinical rooms, I would say it would not be effective in in our surgery. Particularly because it wasn’t effective cooling anything when the temperature went above 24 degrees. It was not cool enough for us. 

We moved it then into the administration areas where the treatment coordinator rooms are. 

Here there was a big throughput of patients and it was therefore more effective. 

I would say for us, it is more effective in these areas as a filter purifier. 

It looks good, it’s versatile. We can also easily move it and it’s not invasive. 

It’s quiet, but it would better suit our administrative areas rather than in our clinical areas. 

Do any of the patients notice it or make comments?

In the administration areas, yes. It was kept right on the treatment coordinator’s desk and so patients can see it. 

But when we were using it in the clinics, they were placed on the work surface behind us. So unless the patient is facing you and was looking they wouldn’t see it. 

We got some really nice comments. Lots of patients come and go at E11even. And a lot of people use Dyson at home. 

Whether it’s a Dyson vacuum, or the circular Dysons, even the long ones we used to have before, patients were curious to see what this rose gold device was all about. 

They did have a few questions as to what it was. So the treatment coordinator would very kindly say this purifies the air. 

Saying that it purifies the air and cools at the same time – those kinds of things also reassure patients that you’re doing your best trying to make the environment safe. 

In these COVID times, people are anxious in such environments, especially the dental practice. 

How much maintenance does the Dyson unit require?

It doesn’t need any maintenance. We haven’t done anything to it. 

It’s just on and off. Very simple. 

It’s easy to move into different offices and different clinics. It’s easy to carry for one person, so I would say in that respect it’s perfect. 

Is there anything else that you you’d just like to add about the units?

When the first COVID precautions and safety rules came about we got these massive, hospital-grade filters. 

They take up a lot of space. It’s very, very expensive to have in in each of our clinics as well. 

So, it’s nice that Dyson, such a well-known brand, an aesthetic brand, comes up with these lovely designs. 

It’s nice Dyson has tried to do something for the clinical setting as well as the domestic settings. 

I would just say perhaps they could just improve on how to filter air in larger settings, because the clinics are quite big in a lot of places. 

But keeping to that small design is ideal for us. It would definitely be something that we would then purchase. 

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