Dyson – go for ‘the best you can get’

Alfonso Rao gives his thoughts on the Dyson HEPA Cool purifier and how it is helping his patients stay comfortable whilst in the surgery.

You’ve been using the Dyson system for a couple of weeks now, what were your first impressions when you set it up

Really nice, it’s easy to set up. I do use Dyson products in my house. I guess the way we perceive Dyson is always like a high-end quality product. The Dyson HEPA Cool system is exactly in line with the rest of the products that they produce in their range.

To answer your question, the design is really smart. It’s compact and modern and it’s definitely easy to install and it doesn’t make any noise.

We used to have a different filter system from a different brand. It was a lot noisier so you were aware that it was there. The one from Dyson is much more discreet and elegant.

In that sense, does it blend in well with your surgery and practice?

Yes, the new surgery that we’ve set up is really modern and brand new. It blends really well.

It has the typical Dyson style – so it’s one of those things where patients make comments. Because it also creates some fresh air, in the last couple of weeks it has been particularly hot and therefore particularly useful.

How easy is the Dyson unit to use and how effective do you feel it is?

It’s really easy to use. The remote control makes it even easier.

Again, my previous one didn’t have a remote control, so we had to change the settings. The other system we would change the settings based on the procedure, if we were going to generate AGPs we had to turn the speed of the filter on.

However, with this one, we’ve got the remote control next to the chair. So, based on the procedure we are performing we can just change the settings with the remote control.

I think it also has the auto mode – from my understanding it’s just adjusting based on the air and the space around, so that is quite good as well.

How long does it take to have a noticeable impact on the surgery?

My room is quite big so you probably need to leave it on for five to 10 minutes. Which is relatively quick, and again, I think the good thing in this case is that with the one before, comparing, you will feel the difference. It’s definitely quicker and the difference is more noticeable.

You mentioned before that patients have noticed it and commented on it. What kind of comments are you getting?

They like the design, as I said, it has the Dyson look, which works well with their brand awareness. When someone sees that type of shape, they know it’s a Dyson. The way that the brand is perceived by the public is of a quality brand.

It’s a positive comment to say: ‘Oh you’ve got a Dyson filter in the surgery’. Comments in the past few weeks with that little breeze was also even more positive for the patients.

It also makes the whole experience more comfortable for the patient coming into the surgery.

Ultimately this is what these things are for. We are here for the patients, and we are investing in the equipment, we are investing in the technology because we want to make sure that we are offering the best that we can. Not just in terms of the quality of the dental treatment, but I strongly believe that they should judge the whole experience from the moment they walk into the reception to the moment they leave. They judge the interaction, the décor of the place, of the practice, the equipment.

We always get positive comments. You might have seen some of the photos of my surgery, it’s a modern surgery with all the technology and the Dyson system blends well with the rest of what we’ve got in there.

Dyson unit

Once it’s up and running does it require any maintenance or can you just leave it to run?

It’s easy in terms of maintenance. My nurse easily wipes is all down. The design allows for it.

For them that’s really important, especially when you’re in a surgery, you need it to be easy to clean.

The design of the one we had before was an older air conditioning style. You have little grooves on the top which is a lot harder to clean, whereas with this it’s much easier to clean.

Following all of that, would you recommend the Dyson unit to other dentists?

Yes definitely, because I think it’s a better machine than what I’ve seen around.

I strongly believe it’s an investment – for us as well because the quality of the air that we are working in.

This is the room that I probably spend the most time of my life in. It’s important for us and our staff, and for the patients.

It’s just one of those things where people might say: ‘What’s the benefit?’ I like to reverse the question and say: ‘Why not?’

Why not go for the best that you can get? It’s going to improve the quality of the air and improve the patient experience, and its going to improve your working environment.

Anything else you want to add?

It’s easy to clean, the design can be discreet in the surgery. It’s smart, the noise doesn’t cause any disruption, even when it’s on full power.

It has helped us to keep the surgery cool during the past heatwave. So, I think it’s all positive from our side.

Talk to a Dyson expert about supporting fallow time in your dental practice using Dyson Hepa Cool Formaldehyde.

For more information, visit business.dyson.com/dentists.

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