Dentistry CPD: new this week – mimicking natural teeth

Dentistry CPD: new this week – mimicking natural teethWith thousands of dental professionals already registered to Dentistry CPD, now is the time to get involved. Best of all, it is all completely free of charge.

Launching earlier this year, there are already more than 200 courses available to view. With something available for all members of the dental team covering all dental interests.

Features include:

  • Quick and easy-to-read slides
  • Regular video lectures
  • Create your own Personal Development Plan
  • CPD tracker helps you easily log and view your CPD across your five-year cycle
  • Live and On Demand webinars
  • Get enhanced CPD for recommended topics and personal interests
  • Finally, store your certificates from Dentistry CPD and externally all in one place.

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New this week

Mimicking natural teeth

Vision Dental Laboratory demonstrates how the properties of E.max can be utilised to successfully recreate natural aesthetics

This case is an example of the versatility, beauty and incredible aesthetic results that are achievable using Ivoclar’s IPS E.max pressable ingots and E.max Ceram. The patient presented with an existing porcelain bonded crown at UR1. A poor fit, it had previously undergone re-cementation on more than one occasion.

The poor shape of the crown and its light, monochromatic shade made the crown conspicuous and completely out of harmony with the patient’s surrounding teeth.

An appointment was arranged for the patient to see the dental technician for a consultation, shade matching and to take pre-op photographs – careful attention was also paid to assessing the shape, form and surface characteristics of the patient’s natural teeth.

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Dentistry CPD: new this week – mimicking natural teethPopular this week

Mouth cancer: raising awareness of the other big C

Ciro Gilvetti and Andrew Osafo detail the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, and explain how to perform a mouth, head and neck cancer examination

The past months have been extremely challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of this, it is important that we do not forget about the other ‘big C’ – cancer. Mouth cancer is a serious and debilitating disease that can devastate lives and prematurely end them.

As dental professionals, we are in a prime position to raise awareness of mouth cancer and educate the public about this devastating condition. Are we doing this?

This article reviews the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, discusses how to perform a mouth, head and neck cancer examination and highlights some ways to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

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