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Dental practices ‘hung out to dry’ over new funding cuts

dental practice funding cuts

Dental practices in England are being ‘hung out to dry’ over new NHS funding cuts, according to one practice manager. What’s most shocking about this story is the willingness to offer ‘assistance with the wording’ of the letter the practice will have to send patients explaining the practice is reducing its capacity. The funding was supporting around 5,000 patients. The offer of help to reduce this capacity is proof, if needed, that the government just doesn’t care about funding the nation’s oral health problems.

Water fluoridation ‘essential’ to improve children’s oral health during pandemic

Water fluoridation and a collaborated healthcare approach is key to tackling child oral health in the face of COVID-19

With millions of dental appointments missed over the past year and reduced access, we’re at the cusp of an oral health crisis. Water fluoridation is one of the ideas put forward to tackle children’s oral health. Fluoridation is a very divisive topic. But with cuts to NHS dentistry, this preventative method is also a great way to save money along with improving the oral health of thousands of children. If the government is saving money by cutting dental funding, reinvesting this in fluoridation will help.

Dental market will ‘continue to bounce back strongly’ in 2021

Dental market will 'continue to bounce back strongly' in 2021

The dental market is set to bounce back strongly in 2021, according to Christie & Co. Its latest market overview describes dentistry as ‘remarkably resilient’ considering the pandemic. The report makes a number of predictions for the year ahead including a ‘reinvigorated appetite’ to purchase dental practices from independent buyers.

Female health practitioners in UK earn 32% less than male clinicians

Female health professionals in the UK earn 32% less on average when compared to their male counterparts

Female health practitioners earn 32% less than their male colleagues, a new study shows. That’s even when working hours are taken into consideration. The UK ranks sixth in Europe as the best country for female practitioners to work in.

COVID-19 dental diaries – ’16 ambulances lined up with patients waiting to be seen’

Balal Khan is a final year dental student. He talks us through what it was like having a part-time job in A&E during the COVID-19 pandemic

This week we heard from Balal Khan who is working in A&E during COVID-19 whilst studying dentistry. In his eye-opening article, he speaks about the number of patients needing help, and the line of 16 ambulances queuing with patients waiting to be seen.

Veganuary and its impact on oral health

burgers from veganuary

We’re approaching the end of Veganuary. But what impact will this have on the nations’ oral health? Maria Papavergos takes a closer look at what a plant-based diet can do to our teeth and advice clinicians can keep in mind when patients are in the dental chair.

Why is it that mechanical cleaning is not always sufficient to control plaque in some people?

healthy habits

Why is it that mechanical cleaning is not always sufficient to control plaque in some people? Professors Nicola West and Tim Newton speak about how dental professionals can build on the support they already provide to their patients.

Online Dentistry Show – Paul Griffiths discusses brighter financial futures

Paul Griffiths at the Online Dentistry Show

The Online Dentistry Show is the dental event everybody is talking about! Following the success of last year, 2021 is a line up you won’t want to miss and now’s your chance to register for free! Over the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to some of the speakers at the show:

Make sure you register for the Online Dentistry Show now.

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