Designing the patient journey for 2021

Simon chard on the patient journeySimon Chard is hosting a free webinar on designing the patient journey in 2021 on Wednesday 25 November at 19:00.

Dr Simon Chard has mastered the processes to deliver an exemplary patient experience.

During his presentation, Simon will share the processes he has put in place using all digital workflow tools offered by the Invisalign and Itero systems. He will explain how his practice implemented these processes to create a seamless patient journey.

The presentation will cover details about capitalising on initial patient demand. Simon will also take delegates through the roles he and his team play to achieve conversion to treatment. And beyond.

Topics will include:

  • Patient journey
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Multidisciplinary approach to cases
  • Adopting a digital workflow to capitalise on demand more successfully.

Simon will also share his personal experience of treating Invisalign cases and explain how to create the most efficient workflow and memorable patient experience. He will showcase what he does best and what non-Invisalign providers are missing out on.

More about Simon Chard

Dr Simon Chard is an award-winning cosmetic dentist. He is also an international lecturer and British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry board director.

Based just outside of London, he co-owns Rothley Lodge Dental with his wife Dr Meghan Chard. Here he practices minimally invasive restorative dentistry utilising cutting-edge technology and techniques.

He is also a co-founder of Pärla Toothpaste Tabs, an eco-friendly and plastic-free toothpaste brand disrupting the toothpaste market.

Dr Simon was voted the 2015 Best Young Dentist UK at the prestigious Dentistry Awards and in 2020 was also selected the 4th most influential dentist in UK dentistry as voted by the profession in Dentistry magazine.

He is a key opinion leader for digital dentistry and therefore lectures internationally on digital workflows in cosmetic, orthodontic and implant dentistry.

As a prominent cosmetic dentist in the industry, Dr Simon has also been featured on Sky and Channel 5 News, as well as in British GQ, The Times and Men’s Health.

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