How does Six Month Smiles benefit your patients?

Jaswinder Gill explains how Six Month Smiles benefits the patients in his practice.

The key benefit it provides his patients, he explains, is that is increases their confidence.

Patients come in and say they don’t like smiling in photographs, or when they do they have their hand over their mouth.

It really diminishes their confidence.

They want to be able to smile in photographs and increase their confidence.

Improving confidence

‘What we find is once they’ve had the treatment, their personality completely changes,’ Dr Gill explains.

‘We review them six months after the treatment and they’re completely different people.

‘They’re talking so much more, they’re smiling so much more.

‘That’s what I love about the system, it really changes people’s lives.’

Six Month Smiles is not just about moving the teeth, it’s also about improving their confidence.

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