Clearing up the occlusion confusion with Barry Glassman

Bruxism is prevalent throughout the UK, however patient awareness of the condition is low.

Whilst for some bruxism doesn’t cause any serious problems, for many, the side effects can be painful and persistent.

Treatment with an occlusal splint can significantly reduce symptoms.

The most important course in dentistry

Barry Glassman’s two-day course includes one day of learning and one day working.

‘We will solve all of your occlusion problems,’ Dr Glassman says.

‘You’ll never listen to another person talk about occlusal interferences and lateral spasms, it will all make so much more sense.

‘No course can help you as immediately and completely as this course.

‘I think this is the most important course in dentistry.’

What’s included?

Day one – theory

Led by Dr Barry Glassman, an internationally recognised authority on chronic pain management, this course simplifies occlusion and also teaches you the screening methods needed to help patients presenting with bruxism:

  • Occlusion – when it matters and when it doesn’t
  • Design of occlusal splints
  • Non-compliance of splints and how to avoid this
  • Why restorations fail time after time
  • The myths of dentistry that never really made any sense
  • Joint position when contemplating major dentistry – you’ll be surprised!

Day two – practical session

During this session, Dr Glassman will pass on vital practical advice from his many years of experience in the construction, fitting and adjustment of occlusal splints. He will present a live SCi construction masterclass and each delegate will have the opportunity to make and fit an SCi splint.

It is highly recommended that you have attended at least one of Dr Glassman’s theoretical sessions, attended last year’s seminars, or have watched Dr Glassman’s DVD before attending this session.

Learning objectives:

  • Patient selection
  • Arch selection
  • Splint design selection
  • Improve your SCi (NTI-tss) construction technique
  • How to monitor and adjust splints for optimum efficacy.

After the course you will also receive:

  • Your first or next SCi+ lab-made splint to start with a patient of your choice
  • SCi starter kit, allowing you to treat five patients in the chair
  • SCi+ demo to show prospective patients how the appliance works
  • Patient leaflets and posters and full marketing support to help implement treatment in your practice
  • Digital materials for your website and social media pages
  • Six hours of ECPD and networking opportunities.

To see the latest course dates in Glasgow and London and then book your place, visit

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