Neil Counihan to become the first orthodontist to ski to both Poles

Neil Counihan (left) with Lewis MoodyNeil Counihan is aiming to become the first orthodontist from the UK to ski to the North and South Pole.

Polar explorers, Alan Chambers MBE and Wayne Hoyle, former England Rugby captain, are currently leading a team of 10 corporate CEOs across the Antarctic.

You can also follow Dr Counihan’s (pictured above left) progress by visiting

Following Dr Counihan’s expedition to the North Pole he attended FMC to talk about his experiences.

The expedition’s aim is to raise over £250,000 for the Lewis Moody Foundation.

His trek to the South Pole will include a 69-mile trek across one of the most inhospitable regions on earth.

Temperatures can also drop to -40°C with severe wind chill and storms.

Physical demands

Each day the team is aiming to achieve 10 hours of ice travel for 10 days straight.

Each team member will therefore drag all their kit needed for the trip, stopping only to eat every couple of hours.

To contribute and help raise money for the Lewis Moody Foundation visit

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