Take the ‘belt and braces’ approach with Maintain

Maintain retainerDB Ortho explains how its Maintain Retainer offers a ‘belt and braces’ approach to retainers.

For many, bending lingual retainer wire is fiddly, time consuming, and when performed incorrectly, presents a risk of unwanted torque (Katsaros, Livas and Renkema, 2007).

David Waring and DB Orthodontics collaborated to create The Maintain Retainer; consequently creating a dual retention ‘belt and braces’ style retainer that eliminates these potential pitfalls.

Maintain is therefore an easy-to-fit and convenient dual retention system.

Maintain overcomes many of the challenges faced during the prescription, fitting stage and future patient check-ups of lingual retainers.

Dual retention consists of two elements

  • A pre-shaped, ready-to-fit lingual retainer, made with the rectangular-shaped Straight 8 Plus, which requires minimal practice time and effort to fit
  • A removable pressure-formed retainer for the full arch, and a spare, for the patient to wear nightly.

Reduce your appointments with Maintain

A major advantage of using Maintain is impressions are taken before de-bond and the retainer is ready to fit directly at the de-bond appointment. This therefore means:

  • Only one appointment required
  • Less chairside time
  • Fewer visits for the patient
  • Less time for any adverse tooth movement to occur.

‘Maintain has solved all my fixed retainer problems! I am really happy with this product, it’s excellent!’ – Andy MacCallum, GDP.

Straight 8 Plus’ flattened rectangular shaped lingual retainer wire provides maximum surface contact with the lingual surface in comparison to rounded brands with a minimal-sized contact point.

In addition, the Straight 8 wire is low in profile and highly polished to harbour minimal bacteria.

It also has a greater surface contact than conventional wire.

Maintain’s nightly-worn vacuum-formed retainer promotes the positive element of patient participation; delegating an element of responsibility to the patient.

One study also proved the merits of patient participation (Nikolay et al, 2010).

It claimed that encouraging patients to remember to wear their retainer nightly improves patient satisfaction, and reduces the likelihood of complaints when a lingual retainer breaks or a re-lapse occurs.

‘Dual retention is the desired approach for retention following active orthodontic treatment. The design of Maintain performs both roles and allows easy placement of the bonded retainer.’ – David Waring.

Get in touch

The qualified Maintain technicians at DB Orthodontics’ Lab, Studio 8, are always available to speak to directly over the phone and can provide a lab order form on request.

We accept silicone, alginate or digital impressions, and you should receive your retainer within five working days of receipt.

Get in touch today. Call 01535 656999 or email [email protected].


Katsaros C, Livas C and Renkema AM (2007) Unexpected complications of bonded mandibular lingual retainers. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 132(6): 838–41

Nikolay D, Mollov, Steven J, Lindauer, Al M Best, Bhavna Shroff and Eser Tufekci (2010) Patient attitudes toward retention and perceptions of treatment success. The Angle Orthodontist 80(4): 656-61

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