Stuck in one Year Zero after another

Plan for the future and continue to develop or you will be stuck in Year Zero, Alun Rees says.

‘This is England’s biggest club, stuck in one Year Zero after another.’

The quote came from an article about Manchester United shared by one of my favourite writers on sport and music, Richard Williams.

The piece discussed Manchester United’s relative slide, over a six-year period, after decades of superiority.

This is not about football, it’s about everything but I sympathise with the (Manchester) Reds and all sport fans.

Rugby has been my passion for more than 50 years.

Brought up on a diet of Welsh success during the golden years of the 1970s, the 27 years waiting for a Grand Slam from 1978 until 2005 were times where hope and despair exceeded expectation.

The lessons for every individual and business is to never presume that success will go on forever.

There is a constant need to reinvent, remodel and reset your expectations in the light of inevitable changes.

Be ready

Success is like a soap bubble on your open palm.

Never presume that you have it under control; try to grasp it and it vanishes.

You can build it but it will burst eventually and to believe anything else is plain daft.

Be ready.

The time to fill your larder is before you get hungry.

I advise my clients to be prepared to build a business that will last another 200 years.

Prepare and plan accordingly.

Recruit your team and patients not only for today but especially for tomorrow.

No matter how many patients you have, or how good your team, never stop searching for, and delivering, better.

Your future success depends upon it.

Your dental practice may be the best in town this week, this year, but it will need to change, to grow and develop, or it will become stale and you will be stuck, struggling in your own Year Zero.

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