Reduce clear aligner refinements

Ixion explains why every clinician serious about using clear aligners needs aligner pliers in their practice.

What happens when, at the end of treatment, the patient’s dentition hasn’t moved as the prescription intended and additional minor movements are required? Do you retake impressions and send to the lab to create new aligners? With the help of Ixion aligner pliers, the extra costs involved and the inconvenience of added appointments may be avoided.

In our visual world of picture-perfect selfies, the opportunity to correct a smile with aesthetic clear aligners are a tempting prospect for millions. Discreet and convenient, clinicians can easily profit, providing the management of patient expectations and understanding the scope of aligner technology is priority.

Aligner pliers make things easier

Aligner pliers assist in recovering teeth that have fallen behind in treatment, or teeth which have not moved as prescribed during treatment. They create a small depression, or indent, in the plastic of the aligner, which increases pressure on a tooth to create movement or to increase retention. They offer a cost-effective solution in many cases; saving money and possibly even appointment time as they eliminate the need for additional lab treatment planning and extra aligners.

Aligner pliers can be used for rotations, minor tipping (torque) movements, buccal/lingual movements, for extra retention on teeth with short clinical crowns and for flat buccal and lingual surfaces. The force created by the indent is dependent on the aligner’s strength.

Who are Ixion Instruments?

Ixion is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision engineered orthodontic instruments. Masters of the art of wire cutting, bending and ergonomics, Ixion was also one of the first to consider aesthetics as well as practicality in an orthodontic instrument. An example of this is the matte finish on the instruments: it looks great whilst minimising glare at the same time.

Aligner pliers were developed in order to help the clinician carry out simple yet effective refinements towards the end of treatment. Elegant and streamlined, the pliers are perfect for use with any aligner system such as Invisalign, Autograph or Clearcorrect. All clinicians can enjoy the trademark comfort, streamline design and precision engineering Ixion offers in a beautifully simple yet effective aligner plier instrument.

With three designs available; the Torque Aligner Plier, Rotation Aligner Plier, Retention Aligner Plier, and two more in development; the Hole Punch and Hook Forming Plier, each instrument provides a specific function to aid in the successful completion of treatment through small changes.

Shape the result

Ixion aligner pliers feature narrow tips for easier access into narrow and thin anterior teeth; particularly lower anterior aligners. They require no heat and are specially designed to prevent distortion of the aligner.

Achieving torque

The Torque Aligner plier handles perfectly the material flexibility at the gingival margins, where achieving torque sometimes may be challenging. It creates a horizontal indentation of 0.75 by 1.5mm and creates a force point for individual lingual or labial root torque, depending on where the indentation is placed. In addition, force application at the gingival margin can assist in the retention of aligners and retainers.

Achieving rotation

Rotational control with aligners can often prove challenging due to the lack of surface contact area between aligner and tooth, particularly on laterals. The rotation plier creates a vertical indentation and force point of 0.75 by 1.5mm on the tooth surface to ease the rotational movement.

Achieving retention

Retention Plier is used on the gingival margin at the interdental papilla to create a circular indentation of 1mm for increased retention of aligners and retainers. This may be an essential requirement for teeth with short clinical crowns, and for flat buccal and lingual surfaces where retention is challenging.

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