Introducing our orthodontic service

S4S introduces its specialist orthodontic service and appliances.

At S4S, we offer a range of specialist and exclusive dental products including orthodontic appliances, occlusal splints to help relieve symptoms of bruxism (migraines, facial pain, tooth wear, clenching and TMJ dysfunction) and anti-snoring and sleep apnoea devices. An award-winning laboratory, we pride ourselves on delivering first class service, with a passion for quality.

Our orthodontic range

Orthodontics being one of our key areas, we offer a full range including retainers (removable and fixed), functional and removable appliances. Our experienced technicians, between them boasting over 100 years of orthodontic experience, are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements to ensure we deliver the best outcome for your patient’s needs.

Retention – quick and cost-effective turnaround

We understand the need for a speedy service when it comes to orthodontic retention. Our standard retainer service means retainers are produced and despatched with a 48-hour period once received in the lab. If you want retainers quicker we are able to offer an express service, which includes a next-day guaranteed courier service.

Retention for life

We understand the need for long-term retention and appreciate that retainers need to be replaced periodically. Patients are often surprised when they find out they have to pay for retainers to be remade and feel they should get them free. Despite the standard retainer materials being fairly robust, some patients can destroy them within a few hours let alone months or weeks.

We have a much better offering from the standard retainer material. Our new addition to clear retainers, Duratain is our ultra-strength retainer that delivers enhanced strength, greater clarity, and stress relaxation resistance, Duratain lasts longer and stays clearer. As with a standard retainer, to order Duratain we simply require impressions, which we also accept digitally.

Post-orthodontic whitening

It has become very common practice, particularly in adult orthodontics, to offer whitening as a post-treatment option. We also manufacture bleaching retainers, which are a new product from S4S. Not only are teeth held in position, they can be beautifully whitened too. In 2018 we partnered with Boutique Whitening to become the exclusive manufacturer of its bleaching trays.

Our commitment to the environment

In a drive to reduce our carbon footprint, we are continually innovating and developing our processes in order to pass these benefits on to our customers. We actively encourage our customers to provide digital impressions rather than traditional methods, by accepting scans from all providers. This reduces not only the amount of gypsum being disposed of by practices and ourselves but eliminates the need for packaging and the associated impact postage has on the environment. This reduces our carbon footprint, which in turn reduces our customer’s carbon footprint.

We are also working hard to improve our packaging to ensure we are reducing our impact on the environment. For example, we have created a unique box design, which allows customers to reuse the same box reducing the amount of wastage. We are also in the process of replacing our plastic boxes to biodegradable materials and using environmentally friendly printing materials.

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