New survey shows visualisation technology improves patient treatment acceptance

Align Technology discusses the results of its survey on patient acceptance.

Align Technology, a global medical device company engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of the Invisalign system and Itero intraoral scanners, recently released the results of a survey indicating that patients shown a 3D digital simulation of their treatment plan were significantly more likely to agree with their dentist or orthodontist-recommended treatment plan.

The Itero scanner portfolio – the latest versions include the recently-launched Itero Element 2 and Itero Element Flex introduced earlier this year – help dental practitioners produce high-resolution pre-, during, and post-treatment scans for both restorative and orthodontic work.

In addition to providing highly accurate scans, the Itero platform’s powerful visualisation tools help patients see and understand their proposed treatment plan and potential future results with greater clarity. Features like Timelapse technology allow doctors and patients to see and track dental changes over time, such as teeth movement, wear and gingival recession.

Sixty per cent of patients shown outcome simulation on the Itero Scanner proceed with Invisalign treatment

An Invisalign-unique application, the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, which is powered exclusively by Itero scanners, can help patients visualise their treatment outcome and has been shown to increase patient acceptance. The survey results, specifically, revealed that 60% of patients shown an Invisalign Outcome Simulator on the Itero Scanner decided to proceed with Invisalign treatment.

What’s more, the results also demonstrated that general dentists reported an average of 1.5x more Invisalign treatment case starts for patients shown an Invisalign Outcome Simulation – versus number of patients who were not shown the simulation.

Align, a world pioneer in dental digital scanning, has designed its portfolio of Itero Element digital scanners to enhance several important interdisciplinary workflows. Workflow options include crown, bridge, implant, custom abutment, veneers, inlays, onlays and the company’s core product – Invisalign clear aligners.

The next-generation Itero Element 2 intraoral scanner has been designed for greater performance, compared with its preceding models, with 25% faster scan processing times, compared with the Itero Element, and an integrated battery for in-practice mobility. The Itero Element Flex is a wand-only system that transforms compatible laptop computers into a highly portable scanner, making it a good fit for practices with multiple locations.

For more information, visit or for the latest news on the Itero Element scanner portfolio.

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