Dentistry degrees offer ‘best value for money’

dentistryDentistry and medicine degrees offer the best value for money according to students currently in university.

A Yougov survey found that 62% of students believe the standard of education and wages graduates earn don’t warrant the cost of degrees.

However, undergraduates studying dentistry and medicine disagree with this, after 62% said their course offers the best value for money.

‘It’s interesting to see from the point of students if their chosen university course is actually giving them value for money,’ Joseph Scott, a spokesperson from the, said.

‘This research shows there are disciplines giving undergraduates who are studying them more for their money than others.

‘But within the context of “value”, it is important to know that students tend to factor in teaching quality, course content, lecturer contact hours and availability of learning resources into their assessment.

‘Rightfully so, as it paints a clearer picture of what value for money really means to them.

‘Similarly, if their course is meeting expectations when considering the vast financial outlay they are committing to by studying.’

Tuition fees

Veterinary sciences and agriculture (56%) is the second best value for money degree according to students.

The analysis comes after the Government allowed universities to charge up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees since 2012-13.

Business and administrative degrees came bottom of the pile, with only 28% of students feeling they offered value for money.

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