Youtuber Luke Franks starts clear aligner treatment

Vlogger Luke Franks is undergoing clear aligner treatment

Luke Franks is the latest celebrity to embark on Invisalign treatment to correct the alignment of his teeth, and in his typical vlogger style, he will be doing so in full public view.

Luke is a multi-channel presenter who stars on television and radio, as well as hosting his own popular channel on Youtube.  

Because of the demand to feed his Youtube channel, Luke admitted he constantly scrutinises his own appearance while filming.

He noticed that he does not smile or reveal his teeth in public, as he is self-conscious about them.

‘I know two well-known people who regularly appear on TV who are having Invisalign treatment, so knew that it was possible to continue to work without it appearing that I was having my teeth fixed’, Luke said of his decision to embark on clear aligner treatment.

This corresponds with recent survey that showed that 63% of those surveyed would look for ways to have treatment to alter the positioning of their teeth if they had concerns, but only 24% would only consider treatment if it was discreet.

blogger2Straightforward case

Luke is being treated by Dr Mohsen Tehranian, who has treated over 2,000 patients with Invisalign.

‘Luke has moderate overcrowding to his lower teeth’, said Dr Tehranian.

‘When Luke speaks or smiles you can see that how his lower teeth show more than his upper.

‘However, fixing this is straightforward and it is anticipated that Luke will be smiling more broadly in six to eight months.

‘I know this as I took a digital scan of his teeth and uploaded it to the Invisalign Clincheck software, thanks to which we can provide a projected outcome and guidance about how many aligners he will need

At the fitting of his first set of aligners, Luke commented, ‘I had braces as a child – but these are nothing like braces.

‘My bottom teeth have gone back to the way they were before I had braces and I kept noticing one in particular as it is twisted and juts out, which made me self-conscious when I see myself on screen’.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Luke’s Youtube channel to keep up with his progress.

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