How can introducing a dental plan help your business?

speyside outsidePrincipal Simon Bowe talks about how introducing a membership plan with DPAS Dental Plans has helped him to establish his business, maintain financial stability and contributed to the oral health of his patients.

An integral part of our practice vision

From a business point of view, introducing a dental membership plan was always part of my growth strategy. The predictability of cash flow is crucial and having a steady flow of income into the business every month means that I can take a well-earned break every now and again without having to worry about the loss of income.

As a healthcare professional, it’s essential to create a good work-life balance and taking time away helps me to feel refreshed and ensures my patients always get the best possible care. With the reassurance of a dental plan, I know that whilst I am away the practice is still earning an income – an invaluable stress reliever!

Since we setup in 2009, plan numbers have increased steadily, and currently my aim is to have a 50% mix of plan versus non-plan patients. We introduce the plan at every new patient consultation where I feel it’s appropriate as part of the treatment plan, but we always leave the decision to join entirely to the patient. I am however, convinced that if we didn’t have the plan we would lose patients.

A plan that supports our preventive ethos

I believe that good oral health is a prerequisite for good general health. Our plan patients tend to be more committed and are more regular attenders than fee-per-item patients – that’s not to say they are more aware, but I believe that the consistency of care that patients get with a plan, means that dental care becomes a habit.

Plan patients also have a reduced propensity for dental disease, as we are able to spot the early signs of problems and take remedial action. We have two hygienists, one of whom is also a therapist, and I think the preventive element is one of the main reasons why people join and remain in the plan.

Choosing a plan provider that shares the same vision

surgeryWhen I first set up, a dental plan was a key part of my business strategy and I discussed my needs with all the major providers. I immediately liked the people at DPAS and felt they had my best interests at heart. They listened to my vision and built a practice-branded plan that complemented it.

With DPAS I have a sense that I am in control of my business and haven’t abdicated responsibility. I don’t want a plan provider to run my business, but I do want it to help me to run my business. That’s exactly what I get from DPAS.

In our profession you have to work hard to gain the trust of your patients. I take the same philosophy with the companies I work with; good relationships, trust and confidence are important and DPAS has all these qualities in abundance. We have a dedicated practice consultant, Louise Bone, and she is excellent – going above and beyond what could be expected from any supplier representative.

I am completely confident in the capability of the people at DPAS. A record of cash comes through every month and the plan works seamlessly. To be honest we sometimes forget there’s administration around offering a plan because it just works – it has never gone wrong!

As well as being highly capable at their core business, DPAS has also provided additional support in terms of marketing and patient communication. The information they provide, which includes brochures, posters and letters designed specifically for our practice, is all of a very high standard.

Onwards and upwards

DPAS provides a dental plan that is very well managed and backed by exceptional customer support. I have been dealing with DPAS now for seven years and still feel absolutely valued. Now the practice is well established I’m keen to further develop the implant referral side of my business and I’ve no doubt, if required, DPAS will be able to provide invaluable insight into how this can be achieved and support me in doing so.

In my opinion, having a dental plan is an essential part of a modern dental practice and it has definitely contributed to the success of Speyside Dental Clinic.

For more information on how a DPAS dental plan can put you in control of your business, call 03456 802 820 or email [email protected].

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