The new alternative in clear aligners

NuvolaSee GEO Orthodontic UK at the upcoming Dentistry Show and find out about its Nuvola aligner system.

Nuvola is a transparent aligner system that facilitates gradual and painless teeth straightening to address phonetic, functional, aesthetic and other orthodontic issues.

Nuvola aligners are extremely subtle due to their high quality construction, careful trimming to follow the gingival margin and the fact that the polymer used is absolutely crystal clear. The aligners are designed to move the teeth with minimal need for attachments saving clinical time and keeping patients happier.

Why Nuvola?

  • Nuvola is a contemporary alternative to traditional orthodontics
  • Nuvola offers more options for the patient
  • Nuvola achieves the desired results effectively
  • Nuvola is absolutely crystal clear
  • Nuvola is produced from an orthodontic laboratory
  • The Nuvola system helps you to save money as it requires fewer patient visit and less chair time.

Only with the Nuvola system

Nuvolaview is our 3D view interactive programme. The programme allows you to see a video of start to finish treatment 3D view compatible with iPad/iPhone,tablet, smartphone, android and all Windows or Mac computers.

3D Nuvolaview is free of charge when treatment is accepted for production.

If the treatment is declined there will be a charge of €150 Euros for the 3D image.


Nuvolaweb is our online case management system that gives you up-to-the-minute information about the progress of the case once it has been entered onto the system.

Nuvola aligners are now available to UK dentists through GEO Orthodontic UK, which provides full customer service and technical support to all Nuvola trained practitioners. Come and see the system on stand N120 at the Dentistry Show and discuss your aligner needs with our sales and support team. Hear our clinical speaker Dr Cesare Luzi address an open session.

The Dentistry Show runs from the 22 April through the 23 April. See us in the STO Lounge at the Dentistry Show on the 22 April from 12:25 to 13:10. For more information visit stand N120.

Telephone: +44 01825 714601 or email: [email protected].

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