Jennifer Ellison: ‘I’m surprised I’ve got teeth!’

Jen El2
Sugar-addict Jennifer Ellison has now kicked the habit

Jennifer Ellison has been confronted by her sugar addiction live on This Morning, prompting the soap star to exclaim, ‘I’m surprised I’ve got teeth!’

This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield presented Jennifer with 3,000 cans of cola – the amount that the actress and dancer would normally consume in one year.

The revelation was made due to Jennifer’s recent appearance on Sugar Free Farm, a three-part ITV documentary that challenged celebrities to go without sugar for two weeks.

Dangerous habit

Thirty-two-year-old Jennifer admitted to Holly and Phil that she would regularly consume six to seven cans of cola a day, equal to 79kg of sugar a year.

Jennifer said: ‘With three little boys, I’d get up in the morning, low on energy and have a can of Coke and it’d go on from there throughout the day.

‘I’m surprised I’ve got teeth!’

Sugar Free Farm

Jennifer was joined on Sugar Free Farm by theatre star Jane McDonald, comedian Rory McGrath, quiz mastermind and Chaser Mark Labbett, actress Tupele Dorgu and The Only Way Is Essex‘s James ‘Arg’ Argent.

Jennifer admitted that during the first few days of the sugar-free diet, her head ‘felt like it was going to pop’.

‘I had the worst headache I’ve ever, ever felt.

‘If you’ve ever detoxed, take that feeling and times it by 10.

‘We were detoxing from processed food, sugar, alcohol, everything.

‘It was literally like someone had put my head in a vice and was just twisting it and twisting it.

‘It felt like my eyes might pop out of my head.

‘I went straight to bed when I got in and when I woke up the next morning I still felt a bit groggy, but I started to turn a corner and I felt a bit better.’

The former Brookside and Dancing On Ice star believes she was ‘hit the hardest’ on the show, as it was revealed that her diet contained the highest sugar intake of all the contestants.

However, Ellison claims that she has now kicked her fizzy drinks habit after appearing on Sugar Free Farm, stating that she hasn’t had a fizzy drink since.

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