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excel_1823506bThe European Aligner Society will formally launch at the World Federation of Orthodontists Congress at Excel in London between 27-30 September 2015 and potential members are invited to visit stand 548 to meet the Society founders.

The Society was set up to provide continuing information about developments in clear aligner therapy and create a strong back-up to the formal training which takes place at postgraduate level across the EU.

As a members’ Association, EAS aims to provide a number of services from providing support to members; offering advice and guidance; and making resources available to support and develop education in clear aligner therapy.  Together members will form an ‘aligner’ community to learn from one another and grow in confidence as they hone their treatment skills.

The EAS’ Executive Secretary Dr Les Joffe commented ‘This is an invitation to join us and be involved with an Association which is solely for aligner providers and those interested in becoming  aligner providers.  I look forward to meeting as many colleagues as possible at the World Federation of Orthodontists Congress and explaining the benefits of becoming part of the Society’.

Inaugural conference

The EAS’ inaugural conference – Aligners, a clear new era in orthodontics – will take place in Vienna on 13-14 February 2016. The Directors of the Society have put together a programme of lectures and workshops led by some of the world’s foremost aligner exponents.  A full programme will be available from the stand at the WFO meeting.

Excitingly, as part of its remit to provide education in aligner therapy, the EAS’ first live one-hour webinar ‘Aligner Therapy and Biomechanics’ was presented by the Society President Dr Graham Gardener.  This can now be viewed free of charge on the education page of the EAS website

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Membership of EAS is open now.  Please visit and join the Society on an ever expanding aligner journey.

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