The keys to a high growth orthodontic practice

Orthodontics is more popular than ever. Everyone wants a beautiful straight white smile and modern orthodontic technologies have made this more accessible. Click Convert Sell says, according to the Yougov survey, 45% of adults are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and 20% would consider orthodontic treatment. However, only 7% actually go ahead and choose orthodontics.


Dr Aalok Y Shukla from Click Convert Sell is questioning the reason why only few people end up having braces.

In a typical London borough of 100,000 people, this means 45,000 are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and 20,000 would consider orthodontic treatment. However, only 1,400 actually may end up having treatment. This means 18,600 adults that would consider orthodontic treatment, never have a conversation that results in them having treatment and they don’t get the benefits of enhanced health and confidence having straight teeth brings.

A conservative market estimate of 30% of the 18,600 people seeking treatment at a conservative £2,500 average case, this is a potential £13.9 million market with £3.5million being currently served.

This is a huge gap. Imagine there are 25 practices in a borough, that means each practice does about 56 braces a year or around five a month. Research Click Convert Sell has taken uncovered the average practice starts three to five braces a month, so this is about consistent. However some practices can start as many as 27 braces a month.


Dr Shukla asks why is there such a huge gap – from three braces to 27 braces – and what is the high growth practice doing differently and what are the behaviours and systems that make the difference?

Click Convert Sell has been examining the differences between the average practice and the high growth practice. The high growth practice can do this without relying on referrals or without relying on celebrity dentist status, it can do this through solid strategy and execution.

There are four keys to a high profit orthodontic practice.

With these four keys fully integrated into the practice, dentists will grow the number of braces they start rapidly, according to Click Convert Sell. These four keys took a practice Dr Shukla owns from five braces a month to 27 braces a month at its peak so it’s talking about proven solid structures.

Key element one: focus on your non-patient communication

This means focusing on establishing communication and relationships with all the people in their geographical area and sphere of influence who are potentially interested in straightening their teeth.

Remember 20,000 adults in the practice’s borough would consider orthodontic treatment (and we’re not even talking about the children/teens market).

  • How many of them is the practice in regular communication with?
  • How do they hear about the practice?
  • What channels online and offline is the practice’s message seen on?
  • Once they hear about the practice how can they learn more?

Are they aware of new techniques and braces?

Many people may not be aware of the new techniques and braces that are now possible in orthodontic treatment. The 20,000 adults may have had a conversation with their dentist when they were a teenager and chosen not to wear metal braces, they may not like their crooked teeth now and would want straight teeth but they don’t know they can get invisible options now.

Send the right message to the right crowd

Potential patients receiving a message showing they can get straight teeth with a discreet brace so nobody would notice with the option of paying monthly on a finance plan could be all they need to contact you. High growth practices focus on non-patients and communicate frequently and regularly with them.

So what are dentists doing this week to make more non-patients aware of their teeth straightening options? Fast methods dentists could use are Facebook, Youtube and the practice website blog.

Dentists who would like to learn more about the other three keys are invited to Click Convert Sell next free event: How To Build A High Growth Orthodontic Practice at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, London on Sunday 26 July from 2-4pm. To find out more and secure your free ticket visit:

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