Face-driven orthodontics

Neil2 smallCreating excellent form and function is the vision of Neil Counihan, practice principal at Metamorphosis Orthodontic Clinic. He tells us how he aims to provide the very best for his patients

The first impression you get when you enter the Metamorphosis orthodontic clinic is a feeling of professionalism with a clean, airy and contemporary style. There are no frills or fancy décor, but a feeling that the clinicians are here to do a job and do it well. Leading orthodontist Neil Counihan is the founder of the practice and his vision was to create a practice that delivers high-end orthodontics with the very best clinicians all under one roof.
Based in the affluent Parsons Green area of Fulham in London, Metamorphosis aims to give each and every patient a beautiful healthy smile for life. And that is for all ages – children, teens and adults. The practice boasts five orthodontists, including himself and Dr Mark Vaughan who is the clinical director.
Two of the orthodontists are newly graduated, therefore combining expertise with some fresh blood. There are twelve staff in total. ‘We aim to provide the very best service here at Metamorphosis and this is why we have the very best orthodontists working here,’ says Neil. ‘Customers now want shorter treatment times and have high expectations. They are a lot more clued up on what they want and we aim to help achieve it for them, but also to be realistic about their expectancies. As a team here, we trust and support each other. And that is what makes such a great team. We also look at the whole face and want to match the teeth with the face. Correspondingly, we want the teeth to have excellent form and function too,’ he adds. In fact, the clinic provide holistic orthodontic treatments that take into account the aesthetics of the whole of a patient’s face including the profile, bone tissue and muscular structure.
Practice photo 004Neil qualified in Dentistry at King’s College Hospital, London then studied orthodontics at New York University. He then went to the US to study. ‘I was very inspired by the teaching, the passion and the ‘can-do’ attitude of the staff there. I wanted to use my newfound skills and joined a large www.writemyessayservice.co.uk specialist practice in south London,’ he explains. Subsequently in 2000 he opened a private practice in Battersea. In 2004 he co-founded the award winning ‘Elleven Orthodontics’ in the esteemed Harley Street district of London.
Neil’s other special area of expertise is orthognathics and he is one of a handful of orthodontists in the UK who regularly undertakes orthognathic cases.
Clinical director of Metamorphosis Mark Vaughan is a prominent orthodontist who qualified in 1990 from the University of Wales College of Medicine Dental School.
He returned to London to work in the Community Dental Service for four and a half years carrying out treatment on special needs, dental phobic patients, medically compromised patients and the elderly. Although the work was very challenging and he often worked with very deprived patients with very poor oral health, he found the work ‘immensely rewarding’.

Mark2 smallMark has also worked as Senior House Officer and Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at The Royal London Hospital, University College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital carrying out treatments including extraction of difficult teeth, dentoalveolar surgery, hard and soft tissue facial reconstruction after trauma, head and neck cancer and orthognathic surgery.
Another great achievement has been his Masters degree in Orthodontics with Distinction and Membership in Orthodontics from The Royal College of Surgeons of England. Mark has a special interest in three dimensional facial growth, adult orthodontics with a particular passion for lingual orthodontics, interdisciplinary orthodontic management especially hypodontia and aesthetic treatment, temporary anchorage devices and retention.
Another well-known orthodontist, Dr Gerry Bellman is also part of this excellent team. He has a special interest is Invisalign and he holds Platinum States. To become certified as a Platinum user, Gerry has carried out over 350 cases.
‘We hope our work is truly transformational. It’s about boosting confidence and appearance by helping treat a whole range of different conditions. These include tooth crowding, protruding teeth, cross bites and gaps between teeth,’ says Neil.
Using the very latest technologies and techniques the team at Metamorphosis aim to create results that are face-driven, retaining the natural shape of the teeth and complementing the patient’s facial structure. With such a wealth of talent and commitment and care towards patients, it seems the team at Metamorphosis have indeed achieved in all areas.


For more information on the practice see www.metamorphosisorthodontics.com

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