European Aligner Society launches

European Aligner Society (EAS) logo320The launch of the European Aligner Society (EAS) has been announced, a new member’s association for orthodontists and dentists providing aligner therapy to patients.

The EAS has been set up to provide members with continuing information about developments in aligner treatment, and develop a strong backup to the formal training that takes place at postgraduate level.

As an over-arching members’ association, EAS will provide membership services which will form the basis of the ‘aligner’ community; provide support to members; offer advice and guidance; and make available resources to support and develop education. This is an invitation to join us and be involved with an Association which is solely for ALIGNER providers and those interested in becoming aligner providers.

The EAS will have a multi-faceted remit which includes:

  • A commitment to research; which will be to initiate research projects that will validate aligner therapy; and to support aligner research through grants to individuals and organisations.
  • The provision of impartial and practical information
  • To organise meetings to help improve aligner provision
  • The focus of communication – to provide a forum for clinicians to share and exchange ideas in the use of aligners and bring forward innovations in aligner therapy using web based presentations, seminars and discussion groups, case reports, and thereby enhance the value of aligner treatment.
  • The provision of a communications system of delivery, including newsletters and journal – which will disseminate EAS’s educational material.

EAS will formally launch at the World Federation of Orthodontists Congress at Excel in London in September 2015, where EAS will have a presence and a possible satellite symposium. EAS aims to hold its own event early in 2016.

As an incentive to clinicians to support EAS as early as possible, subscription for the first year will only require renewal a year after the formal launch in September 2016.

Visit and have a look at the ‘starter’ web pages to find out more and join the Association.

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