Safer endo made affordable

The Safendo endo motor is a root canal treatment device, which uses a brushless electric motor with a speed range of 150-2000 rpm to control speed and torque more accurately.

The unit has a built-in apex locator, comes complete with foot pedal, file holders, hooks, charger, motor rest and a 1:1 contra-angle handpiece and is suitable for all types of nickel titanium files.

In the process of root canal treatment, when the file reaches the apex, the unit will stop working automatically. The auto-reverse function ensures that if torque exceeds the pre-set value, the file will reverse automatically to avoid perforation or break-off. The ‘save’ function enables 10 groups of programs for speed and torque to be saved.

Priced at only £375+VAT the Safendo endo motor offers outstanding value for money.

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