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Work less to earn more – achieving a work-life balance
‘I was able to focus on what mattered’: Maaz Sadiq shares his advice for achieving a better work-life balance in…
The myth of work-life balance – and what we should be thinking about
Lee Eldridge explains why the sooner dentistry accepts that a work-life balance is a ‘broken model’, the quicker it will…
Simon says: how to balance life with dentistry
Simon Chard shares his tips for finding a balance between your passion for dentistry and health, wellbeing and enjoyment in…
NHS pension changes improve work-life balance
Did you know changes in the NHS pension enable dentists to have a better work-life balance? Thomas Dickson, independent financial planner…
Implant Insights – is implant dentistry the answer to the balance between work-life and mum-life?
Morven McCauley explores the difficulties of balancing work-life with the pressures of being a mum and explains how implant dentistry…
Implant dentistry
Nursing matters – set goals, not new year’s resolutions
Gemma Forsythe discusses new year’s resolutions in dental nursing and the healthy way to set goals in 2022. Happy New…
Dental Nursing
Save money and improve your work/life balance with the cloud
The recent State of Dentistry report found that over 75% of dentists believe technology can help them to establish greater…
Perfect balance
 Laura Horton shares her techniques and explains how to achieve the life you deserve by gaining that all-important equilibrium between…
Oral health
What dentists want (and how you can get it)
Live to work, or work to live? Simon Hocken wonders just what it is that dentists work for… It is…
Private Practice
Aiming for the good life
Simon Hocken says building a perfectly-sized dental practice will ultimately improve your work/life balance I’m a lifestyle kind of guy. …
Private Practice
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