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Effective time management for treatment coordinators
This month, Tracie Barnett shares her tips and tricks for managing and optimising time effectively, and explains why this is…
Essential tips for new treatment coordinators
This month, Tracie Barnett shares her six top tips for mastering the role of the treatment coordinator. Congratulations on your…
The wow effect: elevating the patient experience
Tracie Barnett explains how treatment coordinators (TCOs) can make subtle tweaks to the patient experience to create that wow effect.…
The power of DISC personality profiling
This month, Tracie Barnett explores the DISC personality model, and how it can unlock effective communication both within teams and…
The many benefits of follow-up systems
Treatment coordinator Tracie Barnett discusses how to create an effective follow-up system, and why they are ‘crucial’ for patients and…
The advantages of mentorship for treatment coordinators
Tracie Barnett discusses how a mentor can boost the confidence of treatment coordinators as a valuable resource for skill development.…
How using USPs can elevate your dental practice
This month, Tracie Barnett discusses how the strategic use of unique selling points (USPs) can make your dental practice stand…
Why treatment coordinators rely on the whole dental team
Tracie Barnett discusses why the support and collaboration of the whole dental team is key to the success of a…
From dental nurse to client experience manager: finding your strengths
Gemma Forsythe chats to Chloe Phillips about her journey from trainee dental nurse to client experience manager, and the importance…
Dental Nursing
Why is effective communication important for TCOs?
This month, Tracie Barnett discusses her top tips for effective communication and offers eight reasons why it’s so important for…
Why are systems so important to dental practices?
This month Tracie Barnett shares her top five reasons why systems are so important in a practice and the importance…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – imposter syndrome in the practice
Tracie Barnett offers a treatment coordinator’s perspective on imposter syndrome – what is it, how does it affect us and…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – transitioning from dental nurse to TCO
In her latest article, Tracie Barnett considers why becoming a treatment coordinator could be a good step for dental nurses. …
Dental Nursing
How a treatment coordinator can transform a dental practice
Treatment coordinator Ann Hewitt shows that it is possible to take on a new role and new responsibilities – and…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – communication mistakes
Tracie Barnett details the three most common mistakes of a treatment coordinator and why these are actually the most important…
Launch of advanced digital TCO program announced
Utilising an intraoral scanner in the consultation setting is now an essential skillset which Marcos White and Kunal Patel teach…
Dentistry Census – treatment coordinator key for ‘time poor’ teams
In our latest article on the Dentistry Census, the profession explains how the role of a treatment coordinator is key…
Treatment coordinator opens up about 29-year career in dentistry
From charity work to oral health education, a dental nurse turned treatment coordinator is about to celebrate 30 years in…
Dental Nursing
The price paid for persuasion
Delegation shouldn’t mean abdication when it comes to discussing treatment costs with patients, Alun Rees says. Some dentists hide their…
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