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How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 14 January 2023
Missed out on last week’s dental news? Here’s what happened over the past seven days… Rishi Sunak claims that UK…
Dentist urges colleagues to call out dangerous dental trends on Tiktok
Dentist Shaadi Manouchehri has called out Tiktok trends which encourage people to carry out dangerous DIY dentistry, and suggests how…
Tiktok orthodontist advised ‘harmful’ treatment to young patients, tribunal told
An orthodontist whose jaw-shaping methods have gone viral advised treatment to children that ‘carried a risk of harm’, according to…
Out of office – Shaadi Manouchehri on playing squash
Shaadi Manouchehri talks about her love for grilled edamame beans and playing squash at an international level. Please introduce yourself…
Private Practice
Dentistry Podcast – Shaadi Manouchehri on Tiktok
Dr Shaadi Manouchehri talks about her journey to Tiktok success and how she’s using it to change the public perception…
Young Dentist
Using social media to promote the oral health agenda
Social media can help promote the preventative message dental teams try to get across to patients. Melica Bastani explains how…
Young Dentist
How safe is the Tiktok tooth whitening trend?
With a new Tiktok tooth whitening trend encouraging users to rub hydrogen peroxide straight onto their teeth, Tirajeh Hadidi explores…
Cosmetic Dentistry
Social media in the ‘new normal’
With the pandemic changing the way we use social media, Sarah Bradbury discusses how we should approach using it in…
Cosmetic corner – master your marketing, now is the time!
With facial aesthetic clinics set to reopen in July, now is the time to maximise your marketing, Nafisa Mughal says.…
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