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Dental marketing optimisation for every dental practice
From patient testimonials to online blogs, Shaz Memon provides 31 tips for perfecting the marketing of your dental practice.  1.…
The ultimate guide to five-star email etiquette
In this month’s Marketing Expert column, Shaz Memon discusses how to implement a five-star email etiquette with powerful customer service…
The Marketing Expert – the agony of self-promotion
Shaz Memon, the Marketing Expert, explains why the dental profession needs to look at self-promotion in a different way. More…
Memonade – fuel for dental pros
Introducing Memonade: the revolutionary energy drink designed exclusively for dental professionals. Memonade, a groundbreaking energy drink formulated specifically for dental…
The Marketing Expert – Instagram for Dentists: the second edition is here
Shaz Memon, the Marketing Expert, has released the second edition of his book, Instagram for Dentists. Shaz Memon has released…
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The Marketing Expert – don’t make these mistakes with your dental Google Business listing
This month the Marketing Expert, Shaz Memon, discusses how to boost your chances of your dental Google Business ranking higher…
The Marketing Expert – what I learned from losing my first ever client
This month, Shaz Memon, the Marketing Expert, opens up about one the biggest mistakes he would ever make and what…
The Marketing Expert – a social media survival guide for introverts
  For this month’s Marketing Expert column, Shaz Memon offers a guide to help introverted dentists with their social media…
The Marketing Expert – business ownership: build it and they’ll come
This month the Marketing Expert, Shaz Memon, shares advice on business ownership, including what to expect and how to feel…
The Marketing Expert – should practice owners have their own Instagram account?
Shaz Memon questions whether practice owners should run their own Instagram accounts as well as a business account. ‘I don’t…
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