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Why treatment coordinators rely on the whole dental team
Tracie Barnett discusses why the support and collaboration of the whole dental team is key to the success of a…
Why is effective communication important for TCOs?
This month, Tracie Barnett discusses her top tips for effective communication and offers eight reasons why it’s so important for…
Why are systems so important to dental practices?
This month Tracie Barnett shares her top five reasons why systems are so important in a practice and the importance…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – imposter syndrome in the practice
Tracie Barnett offers a treatment coordinator’s perspective on imposter syndrome – what is it, how does it affect us and…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – transitioning from dental nurse to TCO
In her latest article, Tracie Barnett considers why becoming a treatment coordinator could be a good step for dental nurses. …
Dental Nursing
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 4 March 2023
Missed out on last week’s dental news? Here’s what happened over the past seven days… Debt among dental students more…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – communication mistakes
Tracie Barnett details the three most common mistakes of a treatment coordinator and why these are actually the most important…
Tricks and Tips from a TCO – why your practice needs a TCO
Tracie Barnett details why employing a treatment coordinator should be one of the first things you do in 2023. A…
Digital growth webinar – the advanced digital TCO
Join Drs Marcos White and Kunal Patel’s digital growth webinar on Thursday 6 October as they discuss the advanced digital…
An aesthetic patient journey
Lisa Bainham explains how a knowledgeable team and a shiny practice can help you and your patients get off the…
Aesthetic dentistry
Back by popular demand: Treatment Coordination Live!
Practice Plan introduces its Treatment Coordination Live! events and explains why you should attend. The dynamic duo are back! Laura…
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