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Self-employed versus employed: upcoming HMRC implications
Don’t miss Iain Stevenson, Paul Tucker and Sarah Buxton on Tuesday 21 March at 7pm as they discuss self-employed versus…
Money Talks – one financial New Year’s resolution to address
As we enter a new year after a financially challenging time for many, Iain Stevenson advises dentists to check their…
Associates beware – the changing HMRC guidance and what this means
Faisal Dhalla, partner at Hampsons Solicitors, details the withdrawal of HMRC guidance for associate dentists and what this means for…
Employed or self-employed? Dental practice, HMRC and vicarious liability
Jonathan Jacobs explores the changing landscape of HMRC’s views on employed/self employed associates and what the future might bring. It…
Tips for the newly self-employed dentist
Priya Kotecha offers hints and tips for the newly self-employed dentist and explains how tax doesn’t have to be taxing.…
Private Practice
Tax issues unpicked: part one – foundation dentists
Shoaib Khan explores and unpicks the tax issues that foundation dentists will face during their training year. As a nation,…
Young Dentist
HMRC and the evolving status of associates
Looking at the work patterns of some associate dentists, Alun Rees struggles to justify their status as self employed. The…
HMRC sends letters to associate dentists over employment status
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has written to associate dentists saying it is reviewing the employment status of associates.…
Why we ought to consider ‘employment’ status for some dental associates
Dentists should be involved in the argument over the employment status of associates, Neel Kothari says. By now some of you…
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