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Putting trust in the right places
Dr Amandine Beke and her partner spent the past two and a half years bringing the dental practice of their…
Factors in dentists’ choice of implant suppliers
Increasing numbers of dental clinicians seek stronger relationships with implant suppliers that stand the test of time – bredent explains…
Implant dentistry
The ultimate guide to five-star email etiquette
In this month’s Marketing Expert column, Shaz Memon discusses how to implement a five-star email etiquette with powerful customer service…
South West Dentistry Show – Ramin Semsarilar on customer service skills
Making his first appearance, Ramin Semsarilar is attending the South West Dentistry Show this year – sign up now for free!…
Private Practice
Remain focused and seek help if needed
Hazel Adams talks about the challenging times and has great advice for dental practitioners. Dental practices are experiencing extremely difficult…
Private Practice
What are the common errors made by front desk staff in a dental practice?
Hazel Adams highlights why having a robust front desk is so essential. As a practice, you want to ensure that…
Private Practice
Spike in number of dentists using live chat and telephone answering
More UK dentists are opting for telephone answering and live chat services to handle high patient demand. Figures reveal a…
Success by great customer service
The importance of exceptional customer service should never be underestimated, says Jana Green Great communication with patients – who really…
Customer value
Tim Caudrelier of  7connections presents the seven steps of customer value optimisation and how they can be used to grow…
Private Practice
Coming back for more
Dan Durie of Intentor explains how to improve customer satisfaction and sell 40-50% more private treatments Extensive research across hundreds…
Customer service over the phone what people want, research shows
Customer service quality in the UK is being undermined by an over-reliance on websites and emails. New research by Alldaypa questioned…
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