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Composite bonding – keeping up appearances
The DDU’s Jo-Anne Taylor explores the reasons behind complaints and claims concerning composite bonding, the second in a short series…
Aesthetic Dentistry Expert – the dark side of composite bonding
With a rise in demand for composite bonding, this month Manrina Rhode discusses the complications every patient needs to be…
Aesthetic dentistry
Three ways to get more Invisalign patients
As the demand for high-value dental treatments like Invisalign, dental implants or composite bonding has increased exponentially over the years,…
Aesthetic dentistry expert – aesthetic treatment options for closing a midline diastema
Patients often go through life wondering what they can do to close their midline diastema. There are several options for…
Aesthetic dentistry
Case of the week – direct composite bonding post orthodontic treatment
Dr Sanj Sethi, discusses a multi-disciplinary approach to restore the tired appearance of the patient’s teeth and narrow the gaps…
Case of the week – composite bonding
Nikhil Sethi introduces a composite bonding case to resolve chipping on the edges of a patient’s front teeth. This patient…
Aesthetic dentistry
Disguising yellow spots and replacing unaesthetic composite bonding
Anish Patel discusses how he disguised a young male’s yellow spots and replaced the composite bonding. A 24-year-old male attended…
Aesthetic dentistry
Composite bonding – a way forward?
Kamala Aydazada explains what composite bonding is and how it could help build your dental practice. A growing number of…
Aesthetic dentistry
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