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Tooth extractions still the most common hospital procedure for children
Almost nine out of 10 tooth extractions amongst children in hospital are down to preventable tooth decay. Data from Public Health…
Are dental practices ever full?
The profession should stop carrying out adult courses of treatment on the NHS if the epidemic in children’s oral health…
Toothbrushing not enough to protect children’s teeth from sugary snacks
Toothbrushing alone cannot protect children’s teeth from the damage caused by sugary food and drink snacks. A study, published in…
Oral health
Sugar tax leading to manufacturers dropping sugar content
The Chancellor described the drop in proposed funds from the sugar tax as ‘good news’ in his Spring Budget for 2017.…
Oral health
Moving oral health higher up the government’s agenda
Oral health would be higher up on the government’s agenda if it knew the financial savings it could make, Seb…
More than 160 operations every day to extract children’s teeth
New figures show 160 children and teenagers have teeth extracted under general anaesthetic every day in hospitals in England. The…
UK food manufacturers urged to cut sugar
Action on Sugar has called for UK food manufacturers to cut sugar with immediate effect. Following new research that shows…
Oral health
Number of children needing hospital tooth extractions jumps by 10%
More than 14,000 children aged five and under have been admitted to hospital for tooth extractions in 2014/15. This comes…
Who is at fault for the increase in hospital tooth extractions?
It is the patient’s fault, not necessarily the dentists’, for an increase in extractions through 2014/15, says Michael Watson. Over…
Rising number of children’s tooth extractions in England
The number of children having their teeth extracted in England has increased, figures from the HSCIC have shown. Numbers rose by…
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