It’s CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month!

Matt Everatt shares the importance of celebrating and recognising the unsung heroes of dentistry: dental technicians and clinical dental technicians.

I would like to offer a massive ‘high five’ to my colleagues and peers this CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month. It is more than just a date on the calendar, it’s a heartfelt acknowledgment of the dedication, skill and artistry that dental technicians (DTs) and clinical dental technicians (CDTs) bring to dentistry.

I would like this month to be a reminder to everyone in dentistry to appreciate the behind-the-scenes professionals who play a critical role in creating crowns, bridges, dentures, braces and many other dental devices that maintain and create beautiful smiles.

Celebrating DTs and CDTs is important because it acknowledges the often-overlooked craftsmanship and technical expertise that underpin successful dental treatments. Having worked as a DT for almost 30 years, things were very different to where we are now. The often subservient relationship meant that patients were typically unaware of us as professionals and that we are the ones who make the appliances and restorations that the Dentists fit.

Those days are thankfully behind us as professionals, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every dental appliance is a perfect fit, both functionally and aesthetically, for each individual patient. By honouring DTs and CDTs, we not only recognise our technical skills but also our commitment to professionalism, dental excellence and patient care.

Fundamental role

DTs and CDTs are fundamental to patient care and the broader dental industry. Our work ensures that patients receive customised, high-quality dental restorations and appliances that improve both oral health and confidence. The intricate process of fabricating dental appliances requires a deep understanding of materials science, anatomy and the latest technological advancements.

Without technicians, the effectiveness of dental treatments would be severely compromised and lacking in complexity. Dentists rely on our expertise to deliver the precise specifications needed for each unique case. This collaboration between dentists and technicians is crucial for achieving the best possible outcomes for patients.

Every successful dental procedure is a testament to this partnership, highlighting the integral role of DTs and CDTs in dentistry and much wider healthcare.

Looking forward

I really feel the future is bright for us, with our place within the dental team, numerous technological advancements and opportunities on the horizon. The integration of digital technologies, such as CAD/CAM systems and 3D printing, is revolutionising our laboratories and our roles. These innovations are not only enhancing the precision and efficiency of dental restorations, but also expanding the creative possibilities we have.

DTs and CDTs should be excited about the potential for growth and innovation in our profession. Continuing education and training in emerging technologies will open new doors and elevate our roles within the dental team and ultimately improving the standard of care for patients.

Additionally, the increasing awareness of the importance of dental health means that the demand for skilled technicians will continue to rise, offering better job security and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on patients’ lives.

CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month is a celebration of the skilled professionals who are essential to the dental industry and patient care. It is a day to honour their hard work, acknowledge their expertise and look forward to the exciting advancements that will shape the future of dental technology.

Here’s to the DTs and CDTs who create the smiles we cherish – thank you for your dedication and excellence.

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