How to find dental equipment suppliers you can trust 

The BDIA explains how you can find trusted dental equipment suppliers for your business with its Member Directory.

Operating a successful dental practice demands a steady stream of equipment, consumables and materials procured regularly. Yet amid the rising costs of running such a business, the allure of seeking out bargains and cheaper alternatives may seem enticing.

However, the decision of where to source these necessities extends beyond mere cost-saving measures. Opting for a supplier without due diligence can potentially jeopardise your business, compromise patient safety, and even impact your professional registration.

In the quest for dental products and equipment, both domestically and internationally, it’s essential to pose critical questions before making any commitments. What kind of company is behind the products I’m purchasing? Are their offerings certified and safe for use? Can I trust the authenticity and quality of their products, ensuring they’re not substandard or counterfeit?

Moreover, what sort of ongoing support and post-purchase care does the supplier offer? Ultimately, the reliability and reputation of the chosen supplier should be paramount. If these inquiries can’t be met with absolute clarity and transparency, repercussions may ensue later down the line. 

‘Reputable and trustworthy suppliers’

Enter the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA). The BDIA is solid presence in the UK’s dental industry landscape, marking a century of steadfast support for dental industry companies and their clientele. Since its establishment in 1923, the BDIA and its 100 plus member companies have collaborated closely with dental practitioners, supplying them with quality, innovative and dependable equipment and services.

BDIA member companies adhere rigorously to the association’s comprehensive Code of Practice. They also undergo tailored training and share a common vision. Choosing to engage with BDIA members instils confidence, knowing you’re partnering with reputable and trustworthy suppliers.

To streamline the supplier selection process, the BDIA offers its Member Directory as a reliable resource. This directory features a list of BDIA member suppliers, eliminating the guesswork and mitigating risks associated with choosing a supplier.

With just a few clicks, you can access pertinent information, explore available products, and initiate contact with potential partners, ensuring your business remains well-equipped and supported.

Find your BDIA member supplier here today.

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