‘Second-to-none’ dental technology course produces first graduates

Unique dentistry course produces first graduatesThe first cohort of students on a unique dentistry course has graduated from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

Believed to be the first in the UK, the BSc Clinical Dental Technology programme has been recently approved by the General Dental Council (GDC).

It prepares graduates to work within dental technology. This includes making and fitting dentures and other appliances directly to patients and in primary care dentistry.

Graduate Léna Roger said: ‘It is really exciting that we are the first full-time clinical dental technicians to graduate in the UK.

‘I’ve always had an interest in dentistry. I enjoy helping people and as I am also a very practical person, the course seamlessly blends these two aspects together.

‘I also really enjoyed how much time we were able to spend in clinic with our own patients. We also had lots of time in labs to improve our technical skills.’

Unique and innovative

The structure of the course allows clinical dental technology and dental surgery students to learn clinical, technical and professional skills together using the on-site dental laboratory. This hosts phantom head facilities, and the UCLan Dental Clinic.

Fellow graduate Emily Thomas has now been accepted onto the UCLan graduate entry Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. She said: ‘I received an education that was second-to-none. It featured exceptional skills training and a large amount of hands-on clinical experience, which was outstanding.

‘I’ve always had interest in studying a course related to dentistry and this course was unique and innovative. It stimulated manual dexterity. But it also allowed me to gain experience in the UCLan Dental Clinic working closely with patients.’

The clinical dental technology degree is part of a suite of dentistry courses offered by the UCLan Dental School. This was recognised in the UK’s best breakthroughs list: ‘100+ ways universities have improved everyday life for its innovative approach to dental health training’.

The school was also the first to execute a new model of dental education. Thus allows graduate entry Bachelor of Dental Surgery students to gain their experience in in areas of high need and poor dental health. Especially where NHS dentistry was previously limited.

The course welcomes new patients who would like to receive free denture treatment from UCLan students. For further information, contact the UCLan Community Dental Clinic on 01772 896300.

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