A modern, unmatched and compelling clinical protocol for prophylaxis

A modern, unmatched and compelling clinical protocol for prophylaxisDr Neha Dixit discusses Guided Biofilm Therapy and how it is a ‘predictable’ solution for oral biofilm management in proph­ylaxis.

Petersilka et al. said: ‘If a new form of ther­apy is to be considered worth integrating into standard periodontal therapy, it either has to be superior in therapy outcome or has to show other relevant advantageous aspects such as pa­tient preference or operator convenience or economy of time or other resources.’

Focusing on oral hygiene, which forms the gateway to maintaining good oral and systemic health, is the need of the moment. The Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) protocol represents and follows the recommendations of the European Federation of Periodontology. It states that to have a successful treatment outcome, profes­sional prophylaxis must be complemented by equally good oral hygiene at home.

GBT is part of a comprehensive preventive concept. It aims not only to preserve patients’ oral health but also to improve patient compli­ance and subsequent recall attendance. It’s a modular, systematic, predictable and logical solution for oral biofilm management in proph­ylaxis.

It uses state-of-the-art technologies such as Airflow Max, Periflow with Airflow Pluspowder and Piezon.

Overcome challenges

The GBT protocol, which is supported by sci­entific evidence, was developed in 2016 by EMS, together with academics, researchers and clini­cians across the globe. It was developed to overcome all the chal­lenges related to prophylaxis that exist today.

The protocol can be adapted to every clinical sit­uation in the dental practice. From prevention of early caries and periodontal disease to mainte­nance and, in many cases, treatment of periodon­titis and mucositis.

It can be applied to all patients in supportive periodontal therapy. It forms the basis of treatment for patients in initial, non-surgical, periodontal therapy.

GBT involves eight steps that can be modi­fied depending on the clinical situation. The aim of this protocol is to be minimally invasive, pre­serve hard and soft tissue, and meet patient ex­pectations.

When recommenda­tions on correct usage are followed, this protocol has been proved to be highly efficacious, safe and comfortable, not only for the clinician but also for the patient.

Improves patient motivation

Following the patient thorough periodontal screening and recording of the results and us­ing a disclosing agent to visualise biofilm guides the patient towards pursuing better oral hygiene. But it also aids the clinician in achieving more efficient, predictable supragin­gival biofilm removal.

Disclosing the biofilm also enables the clinician to build trust and con­fidence with the patient. It assures quality clinical outcomes. Additionally, it improves pa­tient motivation and helps re-educate patients on efficacious tooth cleaning, especially in areas in the mouth that are often neglected or are dif­ficult to access.

Using the Airflow technology with the Guided Laminar Airflow Max in probing depths up to 4 mm and the Perioflow nozzle in deep pockets up to 9 mm with erythri­tol-based plus powder removes all supragingi­val and subgingival biofilm in the most mini­mally invasive and highly comfortable way. This helps to visualise all the supragingival cal­culus easily, avoiding over-instrumentation.

The erythritol-based Plus powder is a unique, versatile solution that removes all upragingival and subgingival biofilm in only one step. It contains particles of approximately 14 μm. It causes the patient no discomfort and preserves the natural integrity of teeth, dental implants, restorations, orthodontic appliances and prostheses.

More predictable

If any hard calculus remains, use is made of piezoceramic ultrasonic technology by employ­ing the Piezon No Pain PS instrument. This high-quality, Swiss-made instrument, designed like a periodontal probe, is efficient su­pragingivally. It also removes all stubborn cal­culus up to 10 mm subgingivally.

A clean oral cavity without stains, biofilm or calculus sup­ports clinicians in better visualising and check­ing for any caries, white spot lesions and furca­tions in a much more predictable way.

Enrolling patients in a regular recall system is highly dependent on their personal experi­ence during treatment. Today, GBT has more than 100,000 testimonials from satisfied patients across the globe.

To conclude, Petersilka et al.’s assertion on the need for a superior therapy protocol that of­fers a number of advantages. This includes patient preference and operator convenience in relation to time management.

For more information visit www.ems-dental.com/en

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