How Denplan has helped my practice thrive since 1988

My name is Jacobus Rautenbach, I’m originally from South Africa and I’ve been working in England since 1983.

I worked initially in London but came to Nailsea in 1986. I’ve been the owner of the practice since 2000 – I was a co-owner, but I’m now the full owner. The practice has been in the town since the early 1950s, so it’s a long-standing practice. We’ve got a large patient base – about 5,000 active patients and 1,000 of these are on the Denplan scheme.

How long have you been offering Denplan payment plans?

We started offering Denplan in 1988. After 1992, when we had the big fiasco with the NHS fees, we started pushing Denplan and private fees more.

We gradually just increased our list!

What changes have you seen in the last 30+ years?

There’s been substantial changes. First of all, the patients expectations are higher. They expect more cosmetic treatments or tooth whitening.

People are also more prepared to attend regularly. That’s one of the big bonuses. Most of our patients go to the hygienist regularly, which obviously makes our work a lot easier. When people see the hygienist regularly, they tend to have better oral hygiene and take it more seriously.

How has Denplan improved its products and services?

Denplan has always been a good scheme. But they offer different schemes now – for example, the essential scheme which you can modify to suit your own practice.

We use Denplan a lot for our marketing and for training. I also attend some Denplan social events too, which often has some CPD involved.

For me and for the team, there’s a lot of benefits. As a dentist, the main benefit is that you can provide your patient with the best treatment without having to consider the cost.

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