Biomin F – an ideal companion to GBT

Biomin F – an ideal companion to GBT

Dental hygienists and therapists are finding that Biomin F helps make GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) a pleasant experience. And even for the most sensitive and nervous patients.

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) has been in use by dental hygienists and therapists in the UK for some years now. Biofilm has been recognised as an important precursor to caries, periodontal and peri-implant disease. Its removal is key to managing these conditions.

GBT is described as the ‘systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management in professional prophylaxis using Airflow, Perioflow and Piezon technologies’. It involves a specific protocol, including assessment, disclosure, removal of biofilm using these instruments, together with warm water and a fine cleaning powder. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, which most patients find entirely comfortable.

For some, however, their dental sensitivity makes even GBT unbearable. This is where BioMin F comes in. Beverley Watson, a hygienist working in Dubai, had been sceptical about yet another new toothpaste. That was until a patient came in with severe recession – very sensitive and very nervous – and in need of GBT therapy.

No pain or sensitivity

‘My GBT protocol, using Airflow, is one of the most technologically advanced and gentle. Normally even sensitive patients can tolerate it. However, I could hardly get near her mouth due to her sensitivity level,’ said Beverley. ‘I thought, what do I have to lose?’

She took the Biomin F sample she’d picked up at a conference. Using the slow handpiece, very gently polished around all the dentine exposed surfaces and flossed in between the teeth with it.

‘The effect was instant and amazing. I was blown away, as was the patient, who was expecting a lot of pain. She didn’t experience any sensitivity at all,’ she said.

Beverley followed up with her the next day and she had experienced no pain or sensitivity. She said her teeth had never felt so thoroughly cleaned. Both hygienist and patient were delighted, and the patient has immediately ordered BioMin F for home use.

Faye Donald, a dental hygienist and GBT trainer in Yorkshire, has been using Biomin both within her general work and as part of her GBT protocol for some time.

‘I absolutely love Biomin,’ she said. ‘The longer you and patients use it the more feedback you get. Patients who have been using it for one or two years forget that they were sensitive before.’

If a patient is extremely sensitive, Faye might ask them to start using BioMin F before coming in for treatment. ‘If they are really anxious it helps hand them back some control,’ she explained, but for her the main use is after the treatment.

As GBT removes the bacterial layer, it also removes the protective pellicle on the surface of the teeth. This leaves it at risk of developing sensitivity and of picking up stains.

Protect the tooth

‘At the end of GBT I want to coat the teeth to replenish the minerals,’ Faye said. ‘I simply use a gloved finger to apply Biomin F to the tooth surface. This protects the tooth once the pellicle has been removed.’

Sam Davidson, a hygienist practising in several practices around the South East, agreed. Her solution is to apply a smear of Biomin F to the patient’s teeth after GBT to remineralise the tooth surface that has been stripped.

‘The calcium, fluoride and phosphate act together to form fluorapatite to remineralise the tooth surface and protect the tooth until the pellicle has been restored,’ she said.

‘My approach is to carry out the GBT, then any scaling needed to remove residual calculus, then apply the Biomin F with a gloved finger. Patients no longer experience any sensitivity after the procedure because a natural barrier has been created and the fluorapatite is so similar to natural tooth enamel.’

She added: ‘I advise patients not to eat or drink for 45 minutes after GBT. They should also avoid anything that could cause staining. For example, tea, coffee or smoking, for two hours, as the exposed tooth surface will be porous.

‘Some, however, say they can’t wait two hours for a cigarette, so I feel that by applying a protective layer of Biomin F I am doing the best I can to protect their teeth!’

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