The business benefits of implant guide technology

guidedsmileJames Hamill considers why digital planning and guided surgery for implant dentistry is fast becoming the gold standard.

Chrome Guidedsmile offers pioneering full-arch stackable guide technology. It was developed for dentists who desire a pre-planned, predictable guided ‘all-on-X’ type of surgery.

In its entirety, the Chrome service delivers anchored bite verification, anchored bone reduction, anchored site drilling, accurate anchored provisionalisation, and a method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase.

As such, the system is ideal for dentists who know how to place dental implants free-hand, are involved with full arch case, would like to progress their treatment offerings, and who want to make use of the incredible digital advancements that enable improved accuracy, efficiencies, and patient outcomes.

Planning for success

Good planning means better execution, less guesswork, less stress, simpler restorative steps, greater treatment success and, therefore, less risk of litigation.

Chrome is ideal to meet these expectations. As the world’s leading fully guided, full arch system, it facilitates complete systemised and streamlined implant treatment. From record taking to final restoration.

Other advantages include:

  • Pre-planned bone reduction/osteotomy guidance/abutment placement/prosthetics
  • No binding and bending of plastic – we create the Chrome Fixation Base using selective laser melting (SLM) technology
  • No more blind drilling – Chrome allows visualisation of the drill as implants enter the bone
  • And no more lengthy conversions – Guidedsmile conversion takes just minutes to perform
  • Experience and support – work with a team that has completed over 8,000 arches
  • Online ordering system – easy-to-use website makes ordering extremely simple.

A real time saver (complete a case in two hours), it therefore has the potential to double a practice’s profits!

Case acceptance made easy

In terms of patients agreeing to treatment and even being excited by the prospect, Chrome-compatible Smilesim software is a treatment plan presentation system. It uses dental simulations for dentists to show patients how their smile could look in the future.

When you manage to take a flattering before photo, once simulated it can show the patient the difference cosmetic dentistry can make to their appearance. It is really easy to do. And you don’t need an expensive camera or a professional photography studio to achieve good results.

You can simply take the patient’s photo while they are in the chair with a point and shoot camera that you’re happy using. However, we don’t recommend camera phones, nor intraoral cameras or web cameras.

You want a camera with flash capability and a zoom function. This way you can zoom to fill the frame with the face (rather than moving nearer). Focus on the teeth to avoid them blurring.

You also want a big, natural smile. So don’t use one that is clearly a forced smile – they often look gummy.

By showing your patients the aesthetic potential of their new smile, provided through the Smilesim smile design software, presenting them with the benefits of this kind of surgery becomes easier.

With Smilesim, the patient can see the final result before the process starts. Case acceptance after that is impressively high.

Here to help

Using Chrome and with the full support of Quoris 3D, this full arch stackable guide technology facilitates a digital workflow that achieves the highest aesthetic and also functional expectations of patients undergoing dental restorations. All via a process that is intuitive to use, less invasive, predictable and saves time.

If you would like to know more about how the team at Quoris 3D can help you get started with, or accelerate, your digital workflow for improved outcomes and business growth, please visit or email [email protected].

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