Biomin F keeps your teeth young and healthy

Biomin FWe pay for anti-ageing cosmetics, treatments and hair products – don’t our teeth deserve the same care?

We’re all living longer. And to keep ourselves looking and feeling young, many of us invest in our lifestyle and appearance.

We think nothing of going to the gym to keep our bodies in shape, colouring our hair and using pricey anti-ageing cosmetics.

Increasingly, some are looking to regain their youthful looks with treatments like Botox, dermabrasion and fillers.

But how often do we consider whether our teeth are showing their age?

Reversing ageing

As we get older, teeth start to lose their sparkle. The effects of sugary food, drinks and smoking can take their toll.

The surface of the tooth enamel gradually becomes demineralised. This means that the enamel loses its essential mineral content.

This makes it softer and more porous, weakening it and making it more prone to discolouration, decay and erosion.

In some cases teeth can become almost translucent. Quite different from the strong, opaque white teeth of our youth.

Regular daily brushing with Biomin F toothpaste can help reverse this process. It’s proven to clean and remineralise damaged tooth structure, replenishing the enamel with the minerals that it has lost, and visibly strengthening the teeth.

Biomin F

Biomin F is different from conventional toothpastes. In Biomin F the essential mineral components: calcium, fluoride and phosphate, are woven into the structure of the active ingredient in the paste, which also sticks to the tooth surface and dissolves slowly over several hours.

These work with saliva to gradually release the minerals to form more acid-resistant fluorapatite (FAP).

This then deposits on the tooth surface, remineralising and replenishing the enamel.

Tooth surfaces therefore become smoother, stronger and look whiter. As well as gaining mineral content.

Here are some comments from people who have switched to Biomin F and seen an improvement in the appearance of their teeth:

  • ‘I am almost 80 and my dentist says my teeth are better than some 30-year-olds’
  • ‘My teeth feel incredibly strong – I can see why they call it armour for teeth’
  • ‘My teeth appear cleaner and there is a reduction in the slight discolouration’
  • ‘My teeth seem whiter and cleaner than before.’
  • ‘My teeth already feel stronger and whiter’.

An additional benefit is that Biomin F is clinically proven to reduce dentine hypersensitivity. This can also develop as you get older.

So next time you fork out £40, £50 or more on that rejuvenating moisturiser, give your teeth a thought. Consider investing in keeping them young and healthy too.

At just £7.50 let Biomin ensure that your teeth look even younger than the rest of you!

If you prefer to avoid fluoride, Biomin C offers the same protection using calcium.

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Case study

One dentist who completed a whitening treatment, including the use of Biomin for two weeks on a patient, said: ‘Two weeks later, her teeth were greatly improved.

‘It’s fantastic. The patient described her teeth as looking and feeling younger,’ said Dr Sampson.

‘Not only are they significantly whiter, but the texture and the look of the teeth have changed. They look stronger and more mineralised. There’s no “see through”. She loves it and continues to use it.’

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