Our national compliance solution for dentists

dental complianceRyan Bissett, Anthony Sullivan, Graeme Kelly and Daniel Sullivan will discuss one compliance solution during a webinar on the 20 January.

The clock is ticking for you to comply with the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021.

Did you know all dentists with NHS patients are required to comply with the five mandatory requirements laid out in these standards?

As a dentist, you’re familiar with the CQC and the regulations it uses to inspect primary care settings. What you may not know is that the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness (NSoHC) are a separate, non-overlapping compliance framework, designed to go hand in hand with CQC regulations.

Just because you are compliant to CQC regulations does not mean you are compliant with the NSoHC.

The standards aim to create a baseline for cleanliness across all healthcare settings. They instil a culture of continuous improvement and providing measurable, evidenced data to give tangible proof of excellence.

The deadline for compliance is April 2022, with an implementation period that has already begun.

Learning outcomes

We will break down the key requirements and lay out a roadmap to compliance in simple, manageable steps.

There are five key requirements that you must complete:

  • A fully compliant cleaning specification
  • A commitment to cleanliness charter
  • Responsibility framework
  • A range of three types of audits
  • Star rating certificates on public display.

It’s important to note that these specifications must all be maintained to an excellent standard over time. And are not a one-off form or exercise to fill in.

To find out more about the key requirements and how to meet them, you can go to the NSoHC website, open the 50-page standards document, and navigate to the compliance grid within the 12 appendices.

As a dentist, your time is at a premium. And your highest priority is providing excellent standards of care to your patients.

Compliance to the NSoHC represents a significant but essential challenge that we are well placed to help you overcome. From the provision of bespoke documentation, access to the expertise of our NHS partners, to site visits and one-to-one consultations, we are here to support you.

Get ahead of the game

Our webinar is free to attend and takes place on 20 January.

We’ll provide a detailed overview of the compliance requirements and how to achieve each one with a minimum of time and hassle. Find out what the NSoHC means for your setting and how we can support you in achieving compliance.

We will conclude the webinar with a Q&A session where you can ask questions of our NHS panellists who are experts in their field.

To register for this webinar, simply visit www.dentistry.co.uk/webinar.

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